Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider
Birthdate 8.425.6.3 (28)
Birthplace High Reaches Protectorate
Sexuality Bisexual
Played-By Natalie Dormier
Alias Dany
Player Siarna

There is no questioning Danyri’s beauty, and she knows it. She took after her mother in looks, a refined elegance with her high cheekbones, pointed little nose, and pouty lips that are shaped to smile serenely or curl into a slight smirk. Her hair is a light brown, bleached in the Istan sun. Thick, wavy locks fall down her back, pulled into simplistic buns and plaits as is Istan custom or piled intricately atop her head, as is traditional in the North. Her deep green eyes are at the heart of her expression; they twinkle with amusement, or grow wide-eyed with innocence behind her polite smile. They are keen, quicker than perhaps her calm face lets on- observing, watching for cues in others, to know when to brush a long-fingered hand on an arm, to shift closer so their legs touch. They bring with her a silent force.

She is small and almost dainty, and looks as if she has hardly gained any muscle from being a dragonrider. She looks like she must be protected, to be shielded from all the harms in the world. But to the touch she is firm and strong; she is a distinguished rider in her own right. Her superiors will find it infuriating that she does perform well, even with all the ‘drills she ‘accidentally’ skips.


Growing Strong

Maybe the cold breeds attitude. Maybe the altitude breed attitude. Whatever happened, Danyri has got it in Spades.

Danyri did not transfer because of some sense of duty, or some valiant effort to save the natives. She went to Ista Island because of the exotic location, the exotic people. She came to experience a culture that had been rarely seen by the Northern Continent in over four hundred turns. She revelled in the people she might meet, the food she might try, the sights that had never been seen by a Northerner in centuries! The locale did not disappoint- Ista is a beautiful paradise, and she is glad that she is is among those to protect it from Thread, but the people have been far less than welcoming. Still, after four turns she is excited to be here, embracing the place and the people even though they aren’t embracing her back. She’s not afraid to show it, even if it places her at odds with the others sometimes.

As a child, Danyri was painfully shy. Being a dragonrider (and, to some extent, coming to Ista) and pulled her out of her shell. As if she’s trying to make up for all the things she missed, Danyri is forcibly outgoing and aggressively energetic. She’s turned her attention to Ista and it’s people, most particularly those who have accepted her into their ranks— the Outsiders. They are her family, they are Outcasts in a distant land and she will stick by them. She listens to their stories, shares their laughter and their tears, and will defend them if necessary. She knows they would do the same for her.

And although she loves her Outsider Family, she makes many trips outside of the Weyr alone. For all she is sociable, she likes to be alone with her thoughts. She enjoys simple pleasures; dolphins frolicking in the waves, the wind in her hair, a sunset painted against a long-forgotten cove. Even her friends do not visit her weyr often (and a lover never). Her weyr is lovely, filled with plants and seashells and little bits and pieces that’s picked up along the coast, or in the jungles. Some things she had picked up from the mountains of High Reaches, or in the forests of Telgar. She spends too much time ‘accidentally’ avoiding drills (she can’t help it that the the sea was so beautiful!) so she spends equal time on early morning watch or grounded or in some other bitter punishment for ‘shirking duties’.

Danyri has long since embraced Weyr culture, but sometimes that holder girl she once was reappears. There is something comforting in looking to others for direction, to be at their tender mercies. It is flattering to be the one on someone’s arm, to be the encouragement at a game of poker. She wants to be courted, to be wooed, whether it’s for an evening or for longer. She likes to be treated like a delicate flower, doted on and cared for. It’s fun to meet eyes across a crowded room, to exchange shy smiles and whispered words. Sometimes, though, it feels a little too close to home and she remembers why she had left.

Common Knowledge

Danyri balances in a precarious position. She loves Ista, and because of this her peers are often condescending or mocking. She sticks her tongue out at them. Sometimes she is a Sympathizer, sometimes she isn’t.
Her dress fluctuates between the light, flowing, comfortable clothing of Ista and the elegant, proper dress of High Reaches. She loves both and moves between them like night and day. Her colleagues do not always approve of it. Makes her look like she’s gone Native.


Danyri was born a lady, the third daughter of a minor but prosperous fishing hold along the northwestern coast. Her mother took it upon herself to teach her daughters how to be proper ladies. How to dress, how to act, how to move; everything was scrutinized under the pretense of preparing her for a suitable marriage. For a small, shy girl like Danyri, it was torture. She faked it, went through the motions until she could be politely excused from the prying, judging eyes. Her two older sisters were married off in their late teens, and Danyri despaired that it would soon be her to be wedded off to some fisher or miner.

When a dragon descended on a Search, Danyri was practically thrown out with the other hopefuls; not because she had any choice in the matter, or any wish to become a dragonrider, but a gold was on the Sands, they said. If a gold chose her, well, that would be a better match than any husband they could find for her! Turns out the dragon did see something special in her, and she had the most terrifying ride of her life to High Reaches Weyr. The Weyr was large and frightening so she withdrew, acting like she always had, faking at being the prim and proper holder girl.

She disappointed her parents at hatching by Impressed a green. Instead of Impressing something with status, something with power- she was snatched away from their grasp. They couldn’t take her back to the hold, and more importantly, they could not force her into any marriage! It took time for this to finally dawn on Danyri, time that it took for her to come out of her shell and start becoming a person that she wanted to be. Tethyseth was her support during those formative turns, a little nudging presence that brought out a happy, energetic person. Her weyrling class certainly helped- the group was close knit support system.

The Interval was a perfect time for her to grow up. They were the heroes of Pern with the world as their oyster- they lived without a care as the Pass drew nearer. There was a freedom in being able to travel anywhere on the continent; to visit Igen in the winter, Benden in the summer! To leap from a cliff into the Fortian waters below! She saw things only dragonriders could see and did only what they could do- she lived! She made friends across Pern, even if some of them were drunk and begrudging after pranking wars.

Her first few greenflight were disastrous. She wasn’t prepared for it, she wasn’t ready- her holdborn sensitivities took over. It devastated Tethyseth that she hurt and terrified her rider, and took a lot of time (and a few patient lovers) for her to put it in the past. It took time for her to let go of her relationships, as well; few dragonriders wanted a steady relationship, and those in the Lower Caverns that did would rarely pair with a rider. She found comfort in her friends and new family.

She was 24 when Ista suffered its disastrous First Fall. She was young and hopeful and she wanted to explore this forgotten, mysterious island. When the opportunity arose to move there, to LIVE there among the natives! She was one of the few to volunteer to go. She was one of the few good riders to go. Only stupid, hidebound people would not volunteer to live in warm weather, where they didn’t have to break ice to wash a dragon! While Ista was the paradise she dreamt it would be, the people have been less than accomodating.



Palar- Father, minor holder
Saere- Mother, minor holderess
Annien (+7) brother, heir to some hold
Ravlia (+5) sister, lovely mother with so many children
Breonan (+3), brother, fisher
Loreen (+2), sister, lovely mother with many children
Breskan (-2), brother, doing something or other



Color Green
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 8.440.8.3 (13)
Wing Seafury Wing

Tiny, tiny, tiny! Tethyseth is one of the smaller greens produced by High Reachest and was the ittiest bittiest dragonet in her clutch. The bigger greens, like Anquith and Lurinlith, will bowl her clean over if she’s not careful. She never really lost her little ‘baby fat’ as Danyri fondly calls it, giving her a cute little pudgy face and belly (and hindquarters), despite the Weyrlingmasters at Reaches adamant belief that she would grow out of it. They can’t comprehend why she can’t seem to lose it; Tethyseth is an ACTIVE little thing. Way too active. Her long tail swishes even when she sleeps, and her chubby legs are constantly in motion, paddling after the other dragon or playing with rocks or digging holes or getting into things she’s entirely not allowed in.

Danyri has learned to conveniently ‘not know’ where her green is when she starts giggling. It’s better for both of them if she’s not a witness.

A bright green for a bright personality, Tethyseth is a vivid granny smith shade of green that becomes positively blinding when she rises. She has little dabs of dark green along her muzzle and speckled across her back and wings, giving her the appearance of many freckles.


Tethyseth is a sweet little thing. Honest, she is! She is very much still a small child and with all the inexhaustible energy that comes with it. It’s very hard to keep her rapidly moving body and mind focused on one thing for very long, and giving her idle time is just a recipe for trouble. She is always moving. She prances, she skips, she dances- some of these lead into an undignified tumble that end in ouchies and gigglings. She absolutely HATES to sit still and be quiet. She speaks in all manner of ways, many of the vocal. She isn’t one to chatter to regular people often, but instead gets her message across through all manner of honks, trills, chitters, shrieks, and much more. Sometimes she’s vocal instead of using a mindvoice. Her rider has gotten used to a projection of HERE and an undignified honk from outside. Thankfully Danyri likes to be adragonback, likes to take her out and around the island instead of keeping her cooped up at home, because she would never get this child to sleep at night with all that pent-up energy, and her neighbours would probably seriously consider murder.

She just can’t help herself. Tethyseth absolutely LOVES to play! She loves to have fun and she loves making friends and she especially loves it when a blue wants to play tag or cuddle or do anything, really, because she absolutely ADORES the attention. She has a newfound wonder about the world, something that she also never grew out of as a baby. There is always a stone to be turned, water to splash in, mud to be rolled in, and people to watch! At one time, Danyri used to grow stressed and irritated from having to herd around a dragon-sized ragamuffin. At some point she’s learned it’s better to give her soft nudges than a sharp jab.

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