Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Dakaren isn't conventionally good looking, but there is something rather appealing about him. His eyes are bright and lively, their colour a dark, dark brown, in contrast to his fair skin and hair. His hair is that tawny golden brown colour, and always looks a little scruffy and out of control. No matter how much water, or oil products are used on it, you can be sure that soon enough Dak's hair will begin to curl and misbehave. His skin is fair for a native Islander but he isn't pasty white, not the kind of skin that fries instantly in the southern sun's heat.

He was a smaller kid, but early puberty has resulted in the young man growing tall, and broad. He's no muscle man, but his shoulders are strong and there is definite muscle to his mass, making him someone to watch out for in the scraps that young boys and men get into.


Dak is a one of those happy, passionate people. He likes to experience life as it happens, usually with a smile on his lips, and he loves experiencing things with people. He’s a complete sensualist, dedicated to the seeking out and enjoyment of pleasure. It doesn't have to be sexual, he loves great food and drink and experiences too, but sexual stuff is included.

He's a good hearted sort, always prone towards thinking the best of someone, and forgiving slights very quickly. He does get angry, hot flashes of temper that cause him to rage with fury, but he burns out very fast, usually within a few minutes and then he's completely fine, completely over it, and it hurts him when people continue to hold onto things. He knows that everyone doesn't work like he does, but the idea of someone being mad at him is something he cannot stand. He lives by the creed of 'never go to bed angry' and he makes sure that any squabbles he has are sorted before sleep that night. This is particularly pertinent of Sarza, who he fondly thinks is pricklier than a prickleberry. When she's mad at him he just wraps himself around her and cuddles her until she forgives him. It works 9/10 times.

Brash and brave, Dakaren has always wanted to be a rider, it's never been an option for him to be otherwise. He dreams of dragons and of taking to the sky in flight. Sharp pangs of longing are what he feels when he sees weyrlings doing their exercises. He wants it…he wants that so badly. His almost permanent companion is a little plush blue dragon that's lost his stuffing a few times as well as the shiny, silky material being faded from love. He calls it Boo, which is how he prounounced 'Blue' when he was little and was losing his teeth. There are few things in this world that Dakaren loves so passionately, Sarza and Jaln being the two others, and if someone were to mess with Boo or his two loves, they would find themselves with their face swiftly smashed in, and warned never to do so again.

He sleeps like he lives, wrapping around his bedmates with long strong arms, holding them to him tightly, burying his face in their necks, usually with a little smile on his face. Out of the three he is the one who has left the bed the most times to go and experience other lovers, not because he no longer wants them, but mostly out of curiousity and a desire to experience and learn everything. He always returns to them, they are his home and his heart, and that is just the way things are.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.434.13.25

Dakaren grew up a regular weyrbrat, the product of a night's liaison between a creche worker and a dragonrider. He was lucky in that for the first turn or two of his life his mother was there to love him although he always suspected that she rather loved his brother Darakoi a little more. He didn't mind however, content to explore and bond with many people and then come back to his beloved mother to tell her about it.

He was fostered when he was a little older, becoming foster siblings with Sarza the fierce and Jalnahvi the bold, which he embraced, loving them without reservation or concern. His first dose of reality came when he was around four turns old and his mother died. Her absence, something he'd always relied on, shook him, and so he perhaps clung a little tighter to Sarza and Jaln as well as Darakoi, who was older, and probably didn't need his little brother so much.

So the turns went by, the trio growing up together until they reached age 12. Of course the trio discussed what to do together, and although it pained Dakaren when the other two weren't keen on the idea of standing just yet, he went along. He didn't want to Impress without them. They were the three friends, they stuck together. He took up working with the Beastcrafters, having a good touch with animals, but he was overjoyed when three turns later the three of them decided to finally take up their right to stand.



Father: D'kalen, Rider of Blue Sadkath
Mother: Koima, Creche worker
Half Brother: D'koi, Rider of Brown Yorvandth


Jalnahvi, Candidate, his favourite guy
Sarza, Candidate, his favourite lady

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