Character Type: Healer
Rank: Senior Apprentice
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Primarily heterosexual


Bronze-skinned, darkly-handsome Daigrien came to the craft late. He went into candidacy initially, more out of a sense of duty to his roots and to his many younger siblings and cousins who were mostly dragonmad like a lot of Weyr youngsters than out of any real desire for a dragon of his own. He wouldn't have minded Impressing, mind you, and he'd have done his duty as a rider with pride, but he wouldn't have been crushed if he didn't. As each of his family either Impressed or grew up and away and independent from their big brother, though, he was sixteen and faced with a choice: did he stay on as a candidate and take his chances there, with no guarantee of a dragon and the potential of aging too far out to even consider an apprenticeship, or did he cut his losses and get into the craft while he could still squeeze in under the wire?

Ever the practical thinker, Daigrien chose to leave candidacy and upgrade his candidate-craft with the healers to a full-time, devoted apprenticeship. Though he started late, he advanced quickly, and was at the top of his class by the time a couple of new openings for "special" apprentices came up. By tradition, the best among the apprentices usually ends up assigned to the Weyrhealer, but, bucking tradition for the health of his Infirmary for a second time, Master Paskam chose to try the quiet, focused, and thick-skinned Daigrien as an apprentice to Senior Journeyman Sarada, and keep the determined-but-more-sensitive Hollach as his own apprentice instead. Sarada really needed assistance in the Stillroom, but thus far he had been unable to find a suitable apprentice for her (that is, an apprentice who didn't frustrate her and end up thrown out on his/her ass), and he hoped she might find Daigrien an acceptable assistant.

It worked out even better than he could have hoped. Daigrien, infinitely patient, was just the steady hand that Sarada needed in the Stillroom. Sarada's strong suit was never teaching, but Daigrien was quick and observant, and learned fine without actual direct instruction. The careful, precise work of pathology and medicine suited him well, and he found his calling there in the Stillroom.

More importantly, though, he found his calling in Sarada. Not only did he find her worthy of respect and admiration, he also realized that she didn't always take proper care of herself: she focused too hard, worked right through meals, lost track of time and, unfortunately, always seemed to have a drink in her hand. Ever the big brother, the caretaker, Daigrien devoted himself to his instructor as well as her work — if pressed he would say the two are inexorably intertwined anyway — and the depth of his dedication to both is probably misunderstood by many. He watches her as carefully as he watches the medicines they're distilling, alert for silent cues for help or sandwiches or whatever might be distressing her (things that she is often not even aware might be distressing her), and he fulfills whatever role she requires him to fill: student, assistant, food delivery, timekeeper, friend. He enjoys her company even when they aren't actually speaking and haven't for hours, and he asks nothing more of her than that. He doesn't always agree with her choices — he thinks this business with Bucnar is not in her best interests, for one thing — but he's not interested in controlling her. He'll give his honest advice when she asks for it, and support her silently however she requires otherwise.

His fellow apprentices know that you don't make jokes about Sarada's boobs in front of Daigrien. He's a very controlled young man, but when he's angry you can feel the thunderclouds gathering behind his eyes, and you get the feeling that he's one of those people the mysterious "they" are referring to when "they" say "it's always the quiet ones". Otherwise, he's the model of a perfect apprentice: focused, dedicated, always on time, always where he should be, always turning in perfect work with perfectly legible handwriting (perhaps too perfect to be healer handwriting, let's be honest). He doesn't often speak unless he has something important to say, though he does have a sly sense of humor under there somewhere. He's also quietly brilliant, one of the quickest minds to come through the Infirmary in decades probably, but he's more focused on being useful than being ambitious.

Junior Journeyman Bucnar dislikes Daigrien — finds him a bit creepy, and is more than a bit jealous that Sarada allows him access to her quarters and relates to him so easily.
Sooty thinks Sarada must be carrying on an affair with him. How naughty!

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