Name: D'vros
Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


D'vros is a rather unassuming man to look at. He's not a towering giant like some men (although at 5'9" he doesn't stand out as being short either), and despite turns of physical work as a dragonrider he remains slight. His black hair has receded to a bit of widows peak, though he's by no means completely bald on top, and it's starting to become liberally salted with white hairs. On the rare occasions he lets his beard grow out he can be seen to have two white stripes running down from the corners of his mouth. His eyes are a steel grey colour, and the look of his nose has not been improved any by a break when he was much younger. His skin tends towards pale, and he doesn't tan easily. As a general rule he looks pretty much… well, ordinary.

That's not to say he doesn't keep himself neat and well dressed, though. Ordinary doesn't have to mean scruffy after all. His hair, thinning though it is, is always neat and well cared for. His uniform is always clean and crisp, too. He's only brought his nicest, newest clothes to Ista with him because he doesn't want anything about him to let his brother B'deros down at all.


D'vros is, first and foremost, a family man. Blood is thicker than water, he'll often say. And it's family that where his loyalties truly lie; more so than to his Weyr (although Telgar is pretty important to him to, just not as much as family). He dotes on his sisters, and has been as involved as he could in the lives of his nieces and nephews. His true devotion, though, has always been to his older brother B'deros. There are people over the turns that have thought the relationship more than a little odd, slightly unhealthy even, and it's certainly unusually deep for a sibling relationship. The thing is, though, that B'deros is much more to D'vros than a brother. Given the age gap, and their family circumstances, B'deros is also his father-figure, his mentor… and his hero. There's almost nothing in D'vros' life that B'deros, in some way, hasn't been responsible for; and D'vros feels like he owes his brother everything. He doesn't have the worlds greatest levels of self-esteem, and in his mind he can never truly repay his brother except with absolute, unflinching loyalty. Nothing is too much trouble if B'deros asks for it. Nothing. For many turns now D'vros has been B'dero's go-to man for the simple reason that he won't flinch over any task asked of him, however nasty or shady the task might be. He also tends to believe, without question, anything B'deros tells him. He'll cheerfully ignore all evidence to the contrary as well. It's the kind of slightly senseless devotion one can only get from hero worship.

When looked at apart from his brother D'vros is pretty unremarkable. He's a rather quiet, gentle man with a very self-depreciating sense of humour. He's quite down to earth and practical, always being more concerned with details that he ever is with the big picture. He's never been the type to put himself forward for anything, either, so he tends not to make friends terribly easily. It's not that he's unfriendly, not in the slightest, he's just not actually very good at getting out and talking to people. He's always had a nagging sense that everyone else is somehow better than he is, and that it's not his place to disturb people at all (well, not unless B'deros tells him to). It's made him very good at following orders, at doing what he's told, but perhaps not the greatest when it comes to initiative. Which is probably for the best, as Faranth only knows what would be the result of him trying to anticipate what it was B'deros wanted.

He's almost pathetically grateful when people do decide to talk to him. Over the turns, by and large, people at Telgar have avoided him because of the association with his brother. That sort of thing can happen to well known 'toadies', and even 'teacher pets'. So his only real 'friend' has remained his brother - and their socialising is somewhat limited because, well, B'deros has a bronze and D'vros only a blue. He'd probably be a much healthier person if he'd settle down and find a weyrmate, but the relationship with his brother likewise seemed to put people off that idea as well. Those few it didn't put off, for some reason D'vros was unsure of, never seemed to stay at Telgar for very long.


Birthplace: Small cothold in Telgar territory
Birth Day: 15th day of the 1st month

Devaros was born to a simple cotholder and his wife. Bedevan and Elrosa were an unusually fertile couple, and had already had many children by the time Devaros came along. Only two were boys, though, their firstborn Bederos, and a decade later Devaros himself. Life was always hard when working the land, and most cotholders had large families to help them with the work. Trying for more boys was to kill Elrosa, though - she died in childbed two turns after Devaros' birth, along with the baby boy she had been carrying. Bedevan had struggled on trying to run his cothold while mourning his wife, but much of the running of the place began to devolve onto his 12-turn old eldest Bederos. This situation lasted for a few turns (Devaros himself has memories of this time, although he doesn't remember his mother at all) before Bederos was to be taken by the Weyr on a Search. Bedevan was heartbroken… but he couldn't refuse the Weyr. The old man struggled on for a few more turns, making good matches for his daughters and coddling his remaining son, before his heart gave out.

Technically the cothold should have passed to Devaros - but he was only 8 turns old at the time. One of his sisters, on the other hand, was 17 and had a fit young husband. So Elevana (or, rather, her husband Lannic) took over his home. Devaros was not, to say the least, happy. He hadn't liked Lannic to start with - in the way that young boys will take irrational dislikes to people, and not really because Lannic was especially mean or nasty to him - and he certainly didn't like the man taking over his home. He spent a rather unhappy couple of turns being exceptionally difficult about everything before Bederos, now the rider B'deros, came breezing back into his life again shortly after Devaros turned 10.

Bederos had Impressed not long after he'd arrived at the Weyr - and Impressed to a fine bronze by the name of Ducath. He'd changed from the 15 turn old that had left the cothold. His five turns at the Weyr had turned him into a confident young man that was used to the finer things in life, and Devaros thought his brother looked splendidly magnificent. It also transpired that Ducath had recently caught one of the junior Queens - and B'deros had returned to his home cothold because he'd thought it would be somewhat amusing for one of his family to Impress one of his dragon's children. He'd brought a searchrider along with him. The man's green was rather taken with Devaros, although the rider worried if he wasn't a bit young. B'deros (lying through his teeth, because he wanted his brother to have a dragon too) assured the greenrider that, yes, Devaros *was* old enough to stand. Elevana wasn't going to dispute her older brother's words, either, as Devaros had become so difficult that sending him off to the Weyr would be a relief. The searchrider relented, and Devaros was taken to Telgar Weyr.

It possibly wasn't the best thing for the 10-turn old in retrospect. Taken to a place that was bigger and busier than he could ever have imagined in his life back home Devaros was lost. So he clung to the only person he knew - B'deros. B'deros was, at the time, very proud of his dragon for catching a queen, and took his brother to see the eggs repeatedly. And every time he told Devaros that *his* bronze was their father. Devaros was already clinging closely to his brother, but after that Hatching he came to worship the ground B'deros walked on. Because it was at that Hatching that he Impressed Sevarth. Not only had B'deros taken him from a hold he'd begun to hate, but B'deros (through Ducath) had given him his dragon. 10 turn olds are very impressionable, and almost from the moment he walked off the sands as D'vros he hero-worshipped his older brother.

There's also a reason 10 turn olds aren't usually allowed to stand. But what's done was done, and D'vros had his blue. The two of them did relatively well in training, D'vros being relatively well-behaved and obedient, but there's no question that D'vros' emotional development suffered as a result. Because of his hero worship D'vros continued to hang on every word his brother said, and to be fair B'deros did protect him - he always stepped in when D'vros was being bullied by the older, weyrborn, boys in his class. After graduation he made sure his brother got a good wing assignment, and generally did his best to look after him. Which just kept D'vros hanging around. So B'deros started giving him things to do, running messages, stuff like that. As the turns passed B'deros started to rely on his brother to keep him informed about the goings on in the lower ranks of the Weyr, and very occasionally to do other, less salubrious, things. D'vros always obeyed, and never asked his elder brother any questions. D'vros had never really made friends easily, and for some reason his closeness to his bronzeriding brother meant that those he did have started not to want to be too close to him. It seemed that the further up the ladder B'deros climbed, the more isolated D'vros became.

D'vros didn't worry too much. He had Sevarth, he had B'deros, and he had purpose. He's been his brother's right-hand man for some decades now, and would have remained at Telgar as B'deros' enforcer indefinitely had it not been for the terrible First Fall at Ista. In Ista's tragedy B'deros saw opportunity. He decided to send along some of his allies, people that could gain some power in the other Weyr. But he also wanted to send along someone he trusted implicitly. That someone was D'vros.

Not that D'vros has been told about any of the politics. B'deros has told him that he's being sent to Ista to show them how it's done, because there is no one B'deros thinks more worthy, and that he'll be coming home again once Ista is back on its feet. And, like the trusting soul he is, D'vros believes him. What B'deros *actually* wants D'vros at Ista for is anyone's guess, but whether the Istans like it or not, D'vros has arrived.



Father: Bedevan
Mother: Elrosa
B'deros, bronze Ducath, Telgar Weyrleader
Elevana, married to Lannic, cotholder
(several more sisters that never left the cothold)
Children: None

D'vros' Dragon

Name: Sevarth
Colour: Blue
Age: 35
Weyr of Origin: Telgar
Wing: Unknown


Sevarth is not, perhaps, the prettiest blue to look upon. His features are somewhat blunt, his body somewhat blocky. Not that he stands out as being oversized for his colour - like his rider D'vros Sevarth is pretty ordinary in appearance. While it would be fair to say that's he's the colour of the sea, it's not the kind of sea an Istan would easily recognise. No, his colour is the murky almost grey-blue of a northern sea in winter. It's a cold colour, and not helped by the very pale markings that seem to ripple across his wings. At first sight Sevarth is not a particularly welcoming dragon.


He's not particularly welcoming when you first have contact with him, either. Sevarth took on a lot from his very young rider in their early turns, and the bullying that D'vros suffered turned him into quite a suspicious dragon. He doesn't trust easily, because trust only ever seems to get him and his rider hurt. He'll be pleasant enough, just rather stand-offish until he's sure you're *not* out to hurt them. And even then you'd better not try to get too close.

The early Impression created a very deep bond between dragon and rider. To a large extent Sevarth *is* D'vros, and D'vros *is* Sevarth. The man of today wouldn't exist without his dragon, and Sevarth certainly wouldn't be the dragon he is without D'vros. They're co-dependant in ways that are unusual even for a rider pair. To this day it's not unusual to find D'vros sleeping on his dragons couch rather than in his bed, and they spend more time than not in close proximity; D'vros will, for example, spend much of his rest time outside where Sevarth can actively see him, or in his weyr where the two of them can be together. As far as Sevarth is concerned there's a certain amount of them against the world going on, and he's not at all happy about letting anyone else get emotionally close to *his* rider. Although like his rider (largely because of his rider) Sevarth trusts B'deros and Ducath completely.

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