Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingleader
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


There is a hauteur to D'veld's face, an angular, almost hawkish cast to his features. He is a proud man, and its there to see on his face, in the angled eyebrows, the crease between them from looking so serious most of the time, the long, strong nose. His eyes are almond shaped and blue green and his skin is pale, and prone to burning in the Istan sun.

He keeps his dark brown hair clean and short, and really there is an air of fastidious cleanliness about him. He's not sloppy, and his appearance shows that. It also shows that this man could probably do with a few buttons being loosened on his flight jacket, but that is unlikely to happen.


D’veld is not a soft man, not a man inclined to be gentle or kind, and he’s certainly not the kind of man who will be easy on those under his command. He’s stern, firm, not prone to humour or to levity, and its very easy for him to get caught up in his own dark cloud of thoughts. The riders he leads expect him to be a hard leader, but they also know that he won’t fudge around, or risk their lives in any risky endeavours.

No one could accuse D’veld of being careless, and nor could they say he is uncaring of the men in his wing. Fighting Thread and coming out with his wing intact are D’veld’s greatest priorities in life. Men who take unnecessary risks or put other men in danger will incur D’veld’s temper, and for all his haughty demeanour and measured behaviour, he does have a nasty temper. He will not hesitate in booting men out of his Wing if they break his rules and put the rest at risk, and he is unlikely to forgive it either.

Most of the time however D’veld is a proud man, who values his independence. He is intelligent and thoughtful but he lacks the ability to relax, to enjoy himself when he has a duty to perform. He has no illusions about being a beloved leader, that's what R'fan is there for, and he is unaware that his Wingriders might actually love him for his dedication to them. He distrusts outsiders, and he assumes that their different ways mean that they are looking down on him and the rest of the Istans’. Who are they to turn their noses up at him? Why do they have such a high opinion of themselves? As such he is harder on the outsiders in his wing than he is on the Istans. They may have a little leniency shown if the misdemeanour is not too great. But outsiders? Make a mistake and he will drum you out so fast your head will spin.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.412.8.26

D'veld was born Darveld the son of a male greenrider and a Lower Caverns Worker, at Ista Weyr in the later part of the Eighth Interval. His upbringing was much like all the other children born of the Weyr. He learned his duty songs from the Harpers, he attended his lessons, and he played with the other boys and girls in the creche. He was always a solemn young boy though, serious and intense, and so quite often the creche workers would tell him to mind the others, to keep an eye on them and keep them out of any trouble. He took the duty seriously, as they meant him to, but he was never able to really connect with the other young people on a personal levels. He was private…serious…and a stickler for rules, and as such, wasn't very popular.

When he reached the age of 12 he chose to Stand as a Istan Candidate, and he committed that intent focus and drive that he had had in his youth, to learning everything he could about dragons. If he was to be a rider, he did not want to be caught unprepared. Many of the lads in the barracks considered him a Candidate Masters pet, but they also recognized that the young man was scrupulously honest, and not one to curry favour. It was something, and while it didn't make him well liked, it did make him respected.

He Impressed at age 15 to bronze Menorth, as the clutches became larger and more frequent, leading up to the pass. Because of the frequency of the clutches, and the large numbers that were being produced, their weyrling class was often incorporated into the other classes, taught together, and it was here he met R'fan. The fellow bronzerider was D'veld's opposite in almost every way, and yet somehow the two became fast friends. The sight of the two of them together soon became a regular sight and when they both graduated, the friendship remained, the two of them being in the same wing.

The turns passed and D'veld was groomed for leadership, something he actively tried to be worthy of. R'fan stayed by his side, and so when the old bronze leader of one of the Wings stepped down in the turns leading up towards the beginning of Fall, and when D'veld was tapped to become the new Wingleader, his first act was to bring in R'fan as his Wingsecond. Since then the two of them have had a steady partnership, R'fan taking care of the interpersonal stuff in running a Wing and D'veld insisting that they meet his tough, but fair standards. Indeed they have worked together for so long that they no longer need to discuss the running of the wing, they both know the other will handle their share.

They have been happy with their little sphere of influence, especially after D'veld had a brief stint as Weyrleader. The term was brief but efficient, unremarkable except for the fact that D'veld was now certain he never wanted the position again. Being Wingleader meant he could micro manage everything to his satisfaction…the Weyr was too large to be micromanaged to his satisfaction…and it drove him nuts. So he focused on his Wing, perfectly content with his lot, and perfectly content to roll his eyes every time R'fan pursued a junior Gold.

The First year of the Pass began and everyone began counting down the days until Thread would begin to fall. The first Fall was due to happen over Ista, something that was cause for great pride among the Istans.

It went horribly wrong.

Over half the Weyr's fighting force was wiped out that day in the skies above Ista Island and Nerat, and D'veld took the heavy casualties in his Wing especially hard. They weren't as badly hit as some…some were completely wiped out, or dropped to under 12 riders, the level of being reabsorbed into the other Wings. To make matters worse, the new young Weyrwoman and the Weyrleader called on the other Weyrs for help. Resentful D'veld watched as riders from outside Ista poured into his Weyr. How could things be any worse?



Father: D'venkel rider of Green Lidth
Mother: Thalda, Lower Caverns Worker, Cook


Sister: Velladyn
Half Sister: Kevahni
Half Brother: Unnamed
Half Brother: Unnamed

Practically-A-Bro : R'fan, rider of Bronze Ronegeth


Son: S'verian, rider of Bronze Oteth
Son: D'koi, rider of Brown Yorvandth
Son: S'vero, rider of Brown Pazrielth
Daughter: Devella, rider of Blue Caeruth
Son: Unnamed
Son: Unnamed
Daughter: Unnamed
Daughter: Unnamed

"Niece" : Zeff , Candidate
"Niece" : Annaca, Rider of Blue Colstenth
"Nephew" : R'thriel, Rider of Bronze Gavilth
"Niece" : Issyra, Candidate
"Niece" : Ryssyra, Candidate

Romantic / Lovers

Current Lurve Interest

Alavelle, rider of Blue Felaruth (And an Outsider no less!)

Former Lovers

Annva, Kitchen Worker (Mother of Devella)
Koima, Creche Worker (Mother of D'koi)
Soreni, Lower Caverns Worker (Mother of S'verian and S'vero


BFF : R'fan, rider of Bronze Ronegeth
Vivaeldi, rider of Green Bajezeth

Enemies / Rivals


D'veld's Dragon: Bronze Menorth

Dragon Name: Menorth
Colour: Bronze
Age: 23
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr.
Weyrling Class: 8.427.9.5
Wing: Seafury


Menorth is not the most beautiful of bronzes, in fact one could even call him quite plain. He's a solid dragon, one of the larger bronzes in size, built to last time itself, and that deep bronze metal colour. And he does look metallic. When he is sitting on his ledge, or by the lake, or up on the rim of the Weyr, one could be forgiven to think that there is a great bronze hewn statue of a dragon sitting there. He has no fancy markings, nothing overly special about him at all except for a long dark smudge down his back, along his spine, along the ridges.


For all he isn't much to look at Menorth is actually quite clever for a dragon. He doesn't show it off by saying big words or showing it off to people, but when he does come up with an idea, or a strategy, D'veld is often surprised by the logicality of the suggestion. He's a dragon who is true to his word, like his rider, proud, and stubborn. One could not find someone who was more loyal a friend than Menorth, and one would be hard pressed to find a dragon that cares for his fellows as much as he does. He is a firm believer that dragons have to stick together, although he is swayed by his riders negative attitude towards the newcoming dragons. They aren't Istan, can they really be part of his union of dragons? Until they prove themselves trustworthy, Menorth will eye them warily.

He does enjoy Ronegeth's company, and he does also like to make his rider feel a little uncomfortable. D'veld is too uptight sometimes, works himself too hard, and so Menorth takes care of him, pushing him to eat, or sleep and sometimes he even chooses to chase a pretty green. Not only is it enjoyable when it pays off, its always worth it to see his uptight rider so disheveled. He doesn't chase often, but he does it with enough regularity to make sure that D'veld never gets too frustrated.

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