Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Stands just a hair over 5' 7” and weighs about 180 lbs. Reddish blonde curly hair frames a rather square face which matches his stocky build. While not unattractive he isn't exactly anything to write home about either. Probably his best feature is his bright green eyes which usually hold a twinkle of mischief. His complexion is pale by Istan standards with only a light tan. Dethyn clearly has some blood from the northern Holds in his veins.


Dethyn is an inquisitive and generally happy young man. By temprament and appearance he hasn't quite fit in up till now and is looking for the place he thinks he belongs. Since he understands the feeling of not quite fitting in he would be very sympathetic to others he feels might be in distress. That makes him exceptionally loyal to anyone he comes to trust.

Over all he is fun loving and pleasant but knows how to get down to work when the situation calls for it. When not working or socializing (and he loves to mix the two whenever possible!) he likes to swim or go exploring. He always wants to know what's over the next hill or beyond the next clearing and can lose himself for hours just exercising this curious streak.


Birthplace: Red Sands Hold, 8.437.7.17

Dethyn was born to a family of Vintners on the outskirts of Red Sands Hold. His father was an unknown rider in the Hold for a gather and his mother was an impressionable young woman who fell prey to his charms. It was something of a scandal for the family, especially since they couldn't identify whom the father might be. Eventually Dethyn was born, though his mother died in childbirth. His grandfather, Wahlyn, who happened to be a brewer of some local repute, raised him.

It was a good life with his grandfather, aunts, uncles and extended gaggle of cousins. Dethyn was obviously the odd one out though since he was so light complected and the rest of the family were of the more darkly complected Istan stock. As he got older other differences became apparent. Most of his family had little imagination or desire to do more than work the land, brew their ales and live a quiet life. Dethyn was the curious one and was quite sharp as well.

Despite his obvious intelligence the art of brewing never manifested in him. Try as he might Wahlyn just couldn't teach him the family trade. Recognizing that his youngest grandson probably needed different challenges the old grandfather taught him to read and write and was making inquiries to have him apprenticed to the Seacraft since he showed some natural apptitude for it. Before that could happen though search dragons came from Ista. It surprised no one that Dethyn was chosen to be a candidate.

Now, heading towards the Weyr he has new challenges to look forward to and an old mystery on his mind. He hopes to find his mysterious father though realizes that might be impossible. Odds are he would have died in the disaster that befell Ista at the beginning of the first fall….if he was even from Ista in the first place. Even if he can't find him Dethyn wants be the best candidate and then rider he can be to carry on the tradition.

Due to his wandering ways and love of exploration Dethyn has an extremely good sense of direction. He is also an able swimmer and has spent many a long summer day diving for pearls or just for the enjoyment of it. For a couple of summers he also helped out on small ships with a cousin who was in the Seacraft. He knows his way around a boat and was planning to apprentice with them before the dragons came to claim him.

Dethyn dresses in light but colorful style as is typical of Ista natives. He has a pair of cheap copper bracelets that are designed to look like intertwined vines and a necklace with a few small irregular pearls he dove for and several large teeth from some marine predator.



Wahlyn, grandfather and senior journeman vintner. In his mid 80's but still rather spry. Dethyn takes after him as far as intellect goes.

Joffred, cousin and journeyman in the seacraft. In his late 20's and they grew quite close when Dethyn was toying with the idea of apprenticing.

D'thyn's Dragon: Beyrinth

Colour: Brown
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Beyrinth is a dragon built to endure. A rock-solid frame, packed tightly with muscle, shows off just how powerful nature can make a beast. He may not tower over his fellows as some dragons do, but he's tall enough, and anyway, who needs to loom when you look like you can make the ground quake with each step? It doesn't, of course, but the sheer broadness of his shoulders and head, his blunted muzzle and wide mouth poised above you, is potentially intimidating enough. It may be surprising, in fact, that those big feet on the end of thick round limbs don't actually plod at all; size is all relative, after all, and he's both faster and more agile than expected even if he'll probably never win any serious races among those dragons who make an informal sport of it. He looks like he's been digging around outdoors, or perhaps buried in a rockslide for a while: his hide is primarily chocolate brown, but his top half is almost muted, like a thick layer of dirt settled over him, blanketing him in lighter, dusty brown.


A dour young dragon who will grow into an even more grumpy, serious adult. Beyrinth has little patience for frivolity and can be one uptight brown. Something of a pessimist he usually expects the worst and prepares for it accordingly.

He thrills to the excitment of threadfall, hunting or most any intense physical action. While not a cruel dragon he is a pragmatic one and has no pity for those not as intense as he is. Beyrinth will push himself, his rider and everyone in his wing to try harder…and if they don't they will surely hear about it from him!

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