Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Grounded
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Basic Information

D'merlas is a charming, well-mannered gentleman who hasn't lost his touch with the ladies despite his advancing turns. After all, the ladies age too, and that doesn't mean they stop having needs! He's a pleasant fellow of good humor, still sharp as a tack, slender, well-dressed, and still fit for his age, and has adapted remarkably well to being retired despite the fact that he'd still be flying strong if it weren't for Jespath's injuries. It's most likely because he stays very social — he's particularly popular among the ladies of the Lower Caverns (though he still gets into the occasional scrap with a jealous weyrmate or two), and he makes a point to look after his old wingmates who are still flying, and his fellow retirees in particular. When he's not courting your mom (or grandma) or looking after Jespath, he's usually attached at the hip to M'therry, or at the very least splitting a wineskin with F'hoxin. He's been putting up with Tamrel good-naturedly enough since they were children, and he says he doesn't see why he should stop now just because retirement has turned her more ornery than ever.

His blue Jespath was injured in the first couple of sevendays of the Pass. He had always been a dragon prone to pushing himself too hard, trying to prove himself, and D'merlas was the perfect, laid-back counterpoint to that, but after surviving the first 'Fall relatively unscathed, they were part of the mad scramble to perform in the next couple of 'Falls as relief riders from Outside only just began to arrive. Already exhausted and stretched too thin, and not nearly as young as they used to be, Jespath flew too long and too hard for too long, and D'merlas, in his grief and desperation to do his duty and protect what wingmates he had remaining, didn't exercise the restraint that he normally would. Jespath injured the muscles in his back, shoulders, and wings so badly that he has never been able to recover fully, and he will never fly 'Fall again. He's restricted to light weather and very short distances, and suffers from chronic muscle and joint pain.

Dragon: Blue Jespath

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