Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingleader (deceased)
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Basic Information

At age 60, D'lere was the oldest of the wingleaders to lead Ista Weyr into its first 'Fall of the Pass. He was somewhat of an institution at Ista, serving as wingleader of Windraiders for a full thirty turns, and wingsecond for five before that. A man with a strict code of morality but infinite reserves of patience, D'lere strongly believed that any Istan rider could succeed, and had a great knack for tackling problems in young riders. His philosophy was support within the wing, brother and sisterhood with the riders you would depend on for your life, and he was wise enough to know the difference between good-natured teasing, which he allowed and even indulged in himself, and bullying, which was strictly forbidden in Windraiders. His senior wingsecond T'lenen was one of his success stories — a headstrong young bronzerider that he worked with, molded into a better man, and he regarded the younger man like his own son. Or better than a son, even, as he had never been overly-involved with his biological children (though he did greatly enjoy his grandchildren in his old age).

D'lere died in the heaviest part of the first 'Fall, as he and his Opperth fought valiantly to sear a wild mess of Thread tangles that were nearly overwhelming three of his smaller wingmates. It was too much even for the big bronze — they were engulfed by Thread when the wind changed direction abruptly, and disappeared /between/ forever.

Dragon: Bronze Opperth

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