Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


If one were to choose one world to describe the way that Dallen looks it would be Intense. His hair is dark and kind of scruffy, like he is running his hands through it constantly. He doesn’t but no matter what he does to it, somehow his hair always manages to get all ruffled the instant he turns away from a mirror. He has olive skin, which warms to golden brown under the hot sun of Ista. His eyes are hazel green, under strong dark brows and his nose is perhaps a little too large for his otherwise angular face.

His face shows what he is, troubled but expressive, and his scowl, when he does scowl, is dark and brooding. But some might call him attractive if he chose to grin more often…unfortunately those are rare. His height and rather gangly figure make him less than talented when it comes to strength based excersises, but he is nimble and deft.


Dallen is a young man who will always struggle with himself over what is the right thing to do. It’s not that he’s a bad man, or that he’s evil or anything like that, in fact he has a number of redeeming qualities. But the fact of the matter is that he as one fatal flaw: he craves power. As such he can be swayed by the promises of others, the lure of rising above his scrappy beginnings too great for him to resist. He is capable of terrible things in the name of advancing himself, or protecting himself, and he manages to justify it with the argument that it is only fair that he look after himself first. After all no one else is going to do it for him are they?

He is not a sadist like some; he doesn’t delight in people squirming, in fact some times he is capable of great empathy. He is not cold and calculating and he does not possess that true ruthlessness, the kind that feels no remorse. Indeed he is a passionate and bitter young man, who does what he feels he must to protect himself, even if at times it is a little misguided.

He does not trust easily, and has a tendency to either blackmail and/or bribe people that he has some authority over because he feels he cannot trust anyone but himself. However when he does trust, he is loyal. The truth is, Dallen is a lonely young man who has only ever wanted a place to belong, to be accepted and respected. He hates that he only ever seems to be able to create resentment and anger, but even though he knows that what he does might not be the best thing to do, he still does it. The fear of being nothing is just too great.

He does have redeeming qualities however. He is intelligent, savvy, when it comes to the lessons the Candidates learn on dragons and wing fighting tactics. He has a dry sense of humour, and can appreciate wit and turn of phrase. He is a gentle and considerate lover, unless he is crossed, and it is the same with his friends. Until you give him a reason to doubt your loyalty he will be faithful to the end. But if you are disloyal…its something he cannot, and will not forget.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.432.9.9

Dallen was born the son of a bluerider and a lower caverns worker. In an unusual twist on convention the bluerider was his mother and the lower caverns worker his father. They had little to do with him as he grew up, apart from visiting him on his nameday each turn and getting updates from the crèche workers. He was always one of the tallest out of the lads growing up, and while some slowed and then filled out into stronger builds, Dallen just kept going upwards. His reserved nature lent him few friends, but he did have a few young people he trusted.

At age 12 he went into Candidacy and began Standing for clutches. Dragonriders were even more important now as the Pass loomed, but he was left standing each time, something that made him very resentful. He has attained some skill with woodwork however, during the turns of Candidacy, and although the idea of failing and aging out galls him, he knows he would not be unhappy as a woodcrafter.

He does want to be a dragonrider though…more than anything, especially after that horrendous First Fall. He believes they need someone like him…and he’s even more determined now.

And come the clutch of Tameketh and Ronageth Dallen did Impress, to fierce little blue Vondruth, and became D'len.



Mother: Lelethi, rider of Blue Scallenth
Father: Dorlen, Lower Caverns Baker
Half Brothers: 3 Unnamed
Half Sisters: 2 Unnamed


Q'lonas, Rider of Blue Arlith, Good listener…too positive though.


Z'tair, Rider of Green Ivaripeth, Former Crush, Public Rejector of love, Enemy #1

D'len's Dragon: Blue Vondruth

Dragon Name: Vondruth
Colour: Blue
Age: <1
Weyr of Origin: Ista


A big, sturdy blue at hatching, Vondruth will only get even larger, proportionately, as he grows, eventually ending up as one of the largest blues at Ista. He's strong and solid, but his muscles are tight and economical, only exactly what he needs – he's not so hampered by bulk that it impacts his speed or agility overmuch, and the result is a blue who's very versatile, able to fill the spot of a small brown, or hold a solid point among the smaller dragons, or zip around for a while like most of his blue brothers. His neck is short, his head large and his nose rather blunt, eyeridges tilted slightly up at the back to give him a rather forbidding stare. His hide is a solid, bold royal blue, with no crazy patterns or lines to be found anywhere. Which is just how he likes it.


Vondruth is very well aware that he's equipped to succeed: he's smart, he's strong and built in a way that can make him very useful for a blue, and he has a special knack for applying his knowledge in practical ways to get what he wants. Distracting everyone so he can have an extra helping of meat, for example, or provoking a rival male into making a mistake. The problem is, he's not much of a team player. He's fiercely independent, determined to do things himself, with no help from anyone, and only on his timetable and on his terms. After all, who else can he trust to do things right? No one else is as intelligent or capable as he is, and Vondruth knows very well that a fighting dragon can't afford to screw up. People, dragons, crops… everything dies when a dragon screws up, and while he doesn't really have any emotional attachment to any of those things (strongly dislikes most of the people and dragons he meets, actually), he does have an attachment to doing his job right and better than anyone else. Not for the sake of others, but for his own sake, because what sort of dragon would he be if he couldn't fight?

He looks around him and all he sees are idiots – clutchmates that are pathetically weak, or who spend all their time fooling around like hatchlings, or grown dragons who spend their time lazing around while their riders jack off somewhere. At the best of times, the perceived foibles of those around him are a minor annoyance. At the worst of times, they actively offend him, and he has an incredible vocabulary, excellent diction, and a flair for the dramatic, all of which he can turn towards telling others exactly what he thinks of them, and the many different ways they've failed, and exactly how he's going to do things right because they clearly can't. He believes he's the best, true, but he can't stand to hold that honor simply by default because everyone else doesn't even bother to try – and he sure as shells doesn't plan on getting his tail scored because the dragon who's supposed to be covering behind him was sucking his own tail-fork on the day they were supposed to be learning how to flame. Pathetic peons. If he were in charge everything would be better, he's sure, but then, an artist is only as good as his tools, and the tools in this case would all be blunt.

He and his rider may have trouble with their bond. It isn't that Vondruth doesn't love his rider – he does — but he's not a dragon who opens up or shares very well. He claims not to have deep feelings about anything, and may dismiss his own rider's deep feelings as a waste of time – after all, he chose who he chose for a reason, so the potential for greatness must be there, and whining and relationships (ugh, human spit-swapping!) and stupid mental hang-ups are only distractions. Loving his rider and obeying him are two different things, and if his rider isn't of a like mind to what the willful blue wants to do, Vondruth may just very carefully keep his intentions a secret. In fact, he'll tend to keep a lot of secrets, just to be better safe than sorry. If his rider isn't careful, they may turn into a pair where the right hand isn't aware of what the left is doing.

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