Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Even with the fit body of someone who not only lives an active life but also puts some extra effort into working out just for vanity's sake, D'koi will always be rather lanky. He's just built narrow, tall and leggy with a lean musculature. He has the same hawkish features as his father, the same strong nose and angle to his eyebrows – the resemblance is rather strong, in fact, except it's not immediately apparent because he inherited his mother's brown eyes and lightly tanned complexion, and his hair is even darker than D'veld's. It's just long enough that it would hang down over his eyes if he let it, but he doesn't – he sweeps it straight back, and while it tends to stay there because that's the way it's constantly being swept by his fingers, it's still free enough to ruffle in the breeze or occasionally fall down fetchingly around his face. Sometimes he'll put something in it to slick it back more solidly, but not often. He keeps sideburns and is rather particular about them, taking it upon himself to shape them up to his liking when he's shaving. His facial hair still grows in somewhat sparse, but it grows fast, and he usually shaves every morning unless he's deliberately trying to cultivate a five o'clock shadow. His body hair is sparse and wiry across his chest and lower arms, but he's still young enough that he's proud to have it.


D'koi has always had a bit of a devil-may-care attitude, taking life as it comes and throwing himself into whatever seems fun or pleasing at the time without much thought for the consequences. He's not stupid and he's not lazy – he does his duties and his fair share of the work, but he's not going to go the extra mile unless there's some obvious benefit to him. His is a recklessness born out of confidence, the sort that can only come from a person who's absolutely certain that he's so good that he doesn't need to worry too much or work too hard. It all just comes naturally, y'know? Why stress?

He certainly doesn't see any reason to. As far as he's concerned, he's got it pretty good. All his basic needs are provided for him, Thread has returned so any Holders who doubted before pretty much have to kiss his boots as a hero (as far as he's concerned, anyway), there are plenty of willing girls and boys around to share his bed, and he has an awesome lifemate forever. What could be better? Sure, he might end up maimed or dead, but somehow that's even one of the best parts – no, not the actual death and maiming, but the danger of it all! He's one of those people who thrives on the thrill and adrenaline, and the sense of accomplishment and heroism that comes with it. He's a hotshot, plain and simple. He likes pushing the limits, and he likes being noticed for it, even if the attention is negative. He's a bit of a gambler (perhaps a bit too much of one) for much the same reason. Dragonriders don't really need a lot of extra marks, but it's not about needing the money, it's about the thrill of risking and winning!

Just because he doesn't appear to put much thought into things doesn't mean he can't or doesn't, though. It's more the opposite, actually. He's clever enough to come up with a good argument for (or against) almost anything if he really wants to, and he's exceptionally good at justifying whatever he wants to justify, and hearing whatever he wants to hear. It's a symptom of the sort of selfishness that almost everyone possesses on at least some level and are usually innocently unaware of; in D'koi, however, the selfish streak runs quite strong. He just honestly doesn't have a ton of empathy for other people. He's not completely devoid of it, no, but more often than not he thinks of himself first. Other people do factor onto his list-of-things-to-care-about, but they're usually in second or third place depending on whether Yorvandth needs anything at the moment or not. It means he doesn't really understand when other people are sensitive about things (after all, he's not), and he doesn't often bother to censor his words or actions to accomodate other peoples' feelings. Like anything else, he does what he wants and says what he wants without much thought for the consequences. Honestly? He can be an obnoxious little shit sometimes, even now that he's supposed to be a “grown-up”. He could even fairly be called a bully, but he never understands where people get that from. He's just messing with you. Don't be so sensitive!

That, and his occasional enjoyment of playing the big brother with anybody innocent enough to be drawn in by his more charming qualities, makes for some rather confusing interactions sometimes. D'koi loves being admired and looked up to, but it's more about making him feel good than it is about actually helping them out, and he tends to go missing once it's not fun for him anymore. Though… he does like helping, too. And just because he tends to be selfish doesn't mean he doesn't care about his family or friends. He's just not always the best at showing it.


Birthdate: 431.13.13

Darakoi was a flight baby, though not entirely an unplanned one. His mother, Koima, had something of a thing for D'veld, who was a handsome young (if rather serious) bronzerider at the time. She didn't have any illusions about keeping him all to herself (well okay, maybe a few secret weyrmating fantasies, but even then she knew they were just the flighty fancies of a young woman who hadn't quite left girlhood completely behind). Just mothing for him after a failed goldflight was enough, and if she just happened to be exceptionally thrilled when she ended up pregnant, well, a woman ought to at least have the right (and good sense) to carefully choose the fathers of her babies, right?

As a young child Darakoi was very close to his mother, who was able to keep him right by her side as she worked in the creche, and at least decently acquainted with his father, who was chivalrous enough to keep tabs on them and make sure they both lacked for nothing. He was seven when his mother died giving birth to his little half-sister and it hit him hard; for sevendays he was quiet and withdrawn, where before he had been a rambunctious little fellow with a bright crooked smile. In time, though, he bounced back… perhaps a little too hard, even, because now that the foremost authority figure and affection-giver in his life was gone, he seemed even less interested in submitting to the authority of anyone else than he had been before. What was the point, when they would never love him as his mother had?

He didn't give voice to that reasoning, of course, if he was even aware of it at all. He was a happy and social child for the most part, and made friends easily enough as he grew from the creche and eventually moved into the candidate barracks. He performed well enough in class and exercises – not at the top, but decently respectable – but his instructors found that it was his attitude that left a lot to be desired. Even as a child he was more engaged by what was going on around him than he was by the material, more interested in socializing (negatively as often as positively) than in concentrating so he could do better than just “well enough”. Physical activities brought a little more out of him, but not much. By the time he was fourteen, he had grown into that guy everyone knows – the one who sits at the back of the class with his feet propped up, pestering the kids he could most reliably get a rise out of, and occasionally heckling the teacher in an overly-familiar sort of way. As such young men often do, he had his own circle of similarly annoying-yet-too-cool-to-care friends that he ran with, and he was certain Impression was only another Hatching away (always only another Hatching away), so what did it matter if he occasionally got the feeling that his stuffy old dad didn't approve? He wasn't living his life for D'veld, after all.

And he felt like he'd proved it when he finally Impressed without changing a damn thing about himself – and to a brown, too. He and Yorvandth were there to meet Thread during the First 'Fall, and he likes to think of himself as a veteran now. He has just as much experience as anyone else, right?



Father: D'veld, rider of bronze Menorth
Mother: Koima, crecheworker

S'verian, rider of bronze Oteth
S'vero, rider of brown Pazrielth

Devella, rider of blue Caeruth

Practically an actual uncle: R'fan, rider of bronze Ronageth


Dragon Name: Yorvandth
Colour: Brown
Age: 5
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.446.8.9
Wing: Windraiders


Yorvandth is a roughly medium-sized brown. He's a bit on the slender side, with lean muscles and a well-proportioned build – well, except perhaps for his neck, which is a trifle long compared to the rest of his body. His muzzle is long but curved just gracefully enough at the end to save it from looking too harsh or sharp, and his eye ridges angle downward slightly, which might make him look frowny if the corners of his mouth weren't permanently turned up just enough to change the “expression”.

He's delicious! His hide is primarily the color of milk chocolate, fading to a lighter cocoa on his throat, chest, belly and feet. Oozy tendrils of dark chocolate have been drizzled across his back, back and forth over his spine from the back of his head to the base of his tail-fork, and he has a dark chocolate “Kiss” smudged at the end of his nose. To top it all off, the very tip of each neckridge is dabbed a pale tan, like a lightly-toasted marshmallow topping stuck to each one.


Most dragons who are hatched mischievous and troublesome eventually grow out of the worst of it; Yorvandth didn't, really. As a hatchling he was very much a high-maintenance baby, with a lot of intelligence but a short attention span (a recipe for disaster, really), a self-centered please-me-now mentality, and far too much energy for his own good. As he's grown and settled in as an adult, the only thing that's really changed is some very basic maturing of those qualities. He can focus for much longer now… but most of the time he prefers not to. Like most babies, he has mostly grown out of the self-centeredness… but not entirely. He doesn't have that childish energy in him so much anymore, plus he has drills and 'Fall to help burn it off, so he spends less time running around and more time lounging with the other dragons… but that doesn't really keep him from finding ways to amuse himself. He's very social and not shy at all, and always seems to have some sort of comment to make about everything – comments which, more often than not, aren't helpful in the slightest. Like D'koi, he can be downright obnoxious sometimes, and he's not very good at falling into line like a good little soldier. Even when he's not saying or really doing anything, there just seems to be an air of casual disobedience about him. He's casual and overly-familiar with almost everyone, in fact. If dragons could smirk, he would smirk a lot.

For that matter, he and D'koi are one of those pairs who are alike in a lot of ways, and sometimes that's a great asset, but at others it's less than ideal. Part of the time they interact like the best of friends, and they have a really great time together as partners in crime. Whe they disagree, though, they're both hot-headed and stubborn and can get into some pretty intense fights. In the air they're often so much of one mind that they act in unison without even thinking about it; however, sometimes that means they're not compensating for one another's weaknesses, really – there's always a blind spot of sorts. They're both hotshots who love to show off, and their wingleader and 'seconds have to reign them in every so often because Faranth knows they're only going to encourage one another – there's no stabilizing presence in the pair, no voice of reason whatsoever.

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