Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Assistant WeyrlingMaster
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


D'gulas is not a man that you look at and take lightly.

He stands at over 6 feet of height and he's built solidly for strength. There is very little excess flesh on this man, mostly due to his seemingly endless dedication to training, and his muscles are a blatant warning to anyone who thinks to mess with him. Because not only is D'gulas strong, he's also fit and has absolutely not compunctions about teaching someone a good hard lesson about respect and about keep your damn mouth closed. He doesn't often need to resort to violence however, mostly the intimidation of his bulk is enough to quell all but the most foolish of opponents.

He has dark brown eyes, set in a reasonably handsome face, regular features and an expressive mouth prone to scowling and grinning mockingly depending on the haranguing he gives his students. His skin is that warm golden brown colour, rather like klah with milk in it.


D'gulas loves nothing more than his home Weyr, Ista is his world, and that is why he has pledged himself to serving it in any way he can. He's not an easy man to get along with by any means, he doesn't cosy up to those in charge, he doesn't grease the wheels to make a rise to power. He's rude, cutting, and prone to pushing people who want to get to know him away. He does have nice moments, he does give a crap about his students, he wants them to succeed and to be credits to the Weyr and to him. But he's certainly not going to make it easy for them.

No one can question his dedication to his chosen profession, his talents at training young Riders, but his methods can sometimes raise an eyebrow. He'd never deliberately hurt a student, but he will push them until they break. He has to make sure they are strong enough to handle the rigors of being a rider, especially in the wake of the First Fall Disaster.

Still, even though people get glimpses of the man underneath the sarcasm and the endless seeming rants, most people seem to dismiss him as a bit of a dick. And he is, but he's also loyal to his friends, and dedicated to his family, and to his Weyr. If a student truly needs him, he'll be there, it may not be the help that the young rider really wanted, and they may have wished for a few less insults in the rambling diatribe, but he still is there.

He's nawwwwt happy about the Outsiders. Putting it mildly.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.412.13.27

Degulas was born at Ista Weyr many turns ago, and pretty much had the stereotypical upbringing of a Weyrbred boy. He was a strapping lad, always interested in the physical aspects of playtime. He liked being able to do things other kids struggled at and he really enjoyed learning stuff just to prove he wasn't some athletic airhead. He pushed himself in all areas as he grew up, except the social, and his end goal was always to be a dragonrider.

He became a Candidate and promptly made enemies left, right and centre by treating people like they were morons. (They were morons, they just didn't appreciate him telling them so…at least that's how he justified it in his head). He excelled in fitness and the early lessons given and didn't really deal with too many people. Somehow though he still attracted some young people who would kind of follow him around, and he'd help them….but he'd also give them heaps for needing it.

He Impressed at age 18 to Heremith which was a wonderful validation of his dreams for his future, even if the brown was a difficult life partner to have.

Weyrlinghood was great, learning all that stuff that he needed to learn. Heremith was enthusiastic about it too, which was gratifying. Somehow he still attracted some of the riders in his class and he drilled them in extra drills, to make them better. Somehow they improved and the Weyrlingmaster of the time gave D'gulas some nudges towards maybe considering becoming part of the Weyrling staff at some point. D'gulas laughed the idea off, he wasn't teaching material, no way was he making it his career.

He became a full rider and enjoyed about ten turns of wingdrills and games, and being awesome (and unpopular) until a rider named W'lan became Weyrleader. The man had been D'gulas' wingleader and liked his work ethic, and he also noticed how some of the younger riders seemed to gravitate towards him. So he promoted him the Weyrling staff as an assistant.

D'gulas enjoyed his new job, which surprised him. And even though his students thought him a hardass, and a bastard, he still managed to bring out good results. So even after W'lan left the Weyrleadership, D'gulas stayed on the staff.



Father: Guldap, formerly G'dap, rider of blue Paedeth (Died Dragonless from suicide)
Mother: Delassa, Lower Caverns Baker

D'gulas' Dragon: Brown Heremith

Colour: Brown
Age: 20
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.430.2.10


Heremith is a sleek shiny brown, rather like a very polished wood. His hide always looks wet, always very slick, like your hand will slide off it if you touch him. He has long very uptight headknobs and he has long scrawny limbs. It's a bit unfair because Heremith works hard, he really does, and yet no matter how much he excersises, he will always look rather like the pudgy little kid who doesn't want to run with the rest of the class. He's naturally clumsy too, so…that doesn't really help his cause. D'gulas finds him very frustrating. He is a pleasant looking brown though, very approachable.


He's a naturally positive dragon, always looking on the bright side of life, which drives D'gulas crazy. Life isn't sunshine and roses, and happy endings don't happen. But Heremith ignores his rider's insults. Good things DO happen. He loves teaching the young dragons, he finds it incredibly fulfilling, but he doesn't have his riders natural instincts for it. He wants his students to love him which really isn't the best to make them the most effective dragons. Fortunately D'gulas keeps his dragon's sensitive urges in check.

Heremith is a preppy dragon, full of enthusiasm and fun, and D'gulas loves him, he really does. Even if he doesn't express it. One day, Heremith knows, D'gulas will tell the world how awesome his dragon is. But until then he just tells everyone how awesome his rider is, and how awesome they are as a TEAM. YEAH!

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