Corrin's Cortesting

The wings are the Weyr's military structure for fighting Thread. Each wing is responsible for a level or space of air during the fight against Thread and as such train together to provide maximum cohesion when fighting. Each wing is led by a Wingleader (usually a bronze or brownrider), and two Wingseconds who act as his deputies (usually brownriders or young bronzeriders being groomed for leadership).

A healthy wing has approximately 30 riders to it, and no more than 35. If a Wing's fighting strength drops below 12 riders then the Wing is disbanded and they are absorbed into the other Wings. Approximately 3/4th of a wing should be blue and greenriders, smaller dragons who cannot fly a full Fall. These dragons rotate, leaving a wing with a continuous number of 20-25 riders flying Fall at all times. Therefore, in a healthy Wing of 30 riders, 22-23 of the dragons in it should be green or blue and 7-8 dragons in it should be brown or bronze.

The Red Tide wing is traditionally the Weyrleader's wing, and he is usually seconded by his chosen Weyrsecond and a favoured brown or young bronzerider, unless the Weyrsecond is a Wingleader in his own right. In which case the Weyrsecond would continue to lead his own Wing, and another young bronzerider or brownrider would fill the Wingsecond position.

The Queens Wing is the lowest level flying wing, comprised of the Weyr's goldriders; the lightly injured who cannot jump between, but can still flame; and pregnant female riders. Every rider is expected to fly fall unless there is a very good medical reason why they cannot, and even then the rider and dragon will likely be put to work around the Weyr in other ways during Threadfall.

The Weyrleader, Wingleaders and weyrling staff are the ones who decide which graduating weyrlings go to which Wing. Since the weyrlings will be helping out with firestone refueling in the later parts of their training, they will all have a clear idea of which dragons and riders would be the best fit for the Wings. A Wingleader's priority must be to fill up positions left vacant.

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The Queens' Wing

The Queens' Wing
Rank Name Dragon Colour Origin Author
Weyrling Master Tamrel Riffith Blue Istan Jamie
Asst. Weyrling Master Tavayna Uterpeth Blue Istan Siarna
Young weyrlings, flying firestone.
Injured and disabled riders.

The Red Tide

The Red Tide
Rank Name Dragon Colour Origins Author
Wingleader T'berli Brown Ista Jamie
Wingsecond ? ? ? ? ?
Wingsecond ? ? ? ? ?
Wingrider F'harin Kawsenth Bronze Ista Lysa
Wingrider R'thriel Gavilth Bronze Ista Jamie
Wingrider M'khai Sarezarth Brown Ista Siarna
Wingrider W'kiax Maraxith Brown Ista Jamie
Wingrider Z'davien Kartoth Brown Ista Maddy
Wingrider Z'rain Glossith Brown Ista Aaron
Wingrider Annaca Colstenth Blue Ista Lysa
Wingrider G'bhardo Malkorth Blue Ista Jamie
Wingrider K'rydon Grennistanth Blue Ista Jess
Wingrider L'cion Tanikith Blue Ista Adrian
Wingrider L'theri Dareth Blue Ista Maddy
Wingrider Luptu Skalmith Blue Ista Jamie
Wingrider E'lief Belagoth Green Ista Maddy
Wingrider Jalnala Lurinlith Green Ista Corrin
Wingrider Nareyn Valduinth Green Ista Jamie
Wingrider R'selli Faisokath Green Ista Lysa
Wingrider R'zen Adcoth Green Ista Mya
Wingrider Tairedora Astemiath Green Ista Steph

The Windraiders

The Windraiders
Rank Name Dragon Colour Origins Author
Wingleader I'zalkos Hanassath Bronze Istan Corrin
Wingsecond ? ? ? ? ?
Wingsecond ? ? ? ? ?
Wingrider D'veld Menorth Bronze Ista Maddy
Wingrider L'rori Rowlieth Bronze Ista Lysa
Wingrider D'koi Yorvandth Brown Ista Jamie
Wingrider V'thien Distrith Brown Ista Maddy
Wingrider N'valu Vildhunth Brown Ista Lysa
Wingrider R'nayl Paixth Brown Ista Siarna
Wingrider D'len Vondruth Blue Ista Maddy
Wingrider Jahk Riddyth Blue Ista Steph
Wingrider M'tugo Guswith Blue Ista Jamie
Wingrider Q'lonas Arlith Blue Ista Jamie
Wingrider Sahni Vaharith Blue Ista Maddy
Wingrider W'ven Cloventh Blue Ista Lysa
Wingrider Ashabel Hasheth Green Ista Maddy
Wingrider Ephena Leobeth Green Ista Maddy
Wingrider G'zark Fruxburth Green Ista Jamie
Wingrider P'chian Sulith Green Ista Siarna
Wingrider Vofali Seisilth Green Ista Adrian
Wingrider Z'srel Aleneth Green Ista Mya

The Seafury

The Seafury
Rank Name Dragon Colour Origins Author
Wingleader Bronze Istan
Wingsecond ? ? ? ? ?
Wingsecond ? ? ? ? ?
Wingrider R'fan Ronageth Bronze Ista Jamie
Wingrider T'gryn Thowrath Bronze HR/Ista Steph
Wingrider D'gulas Heremith Brown Ista Maddy
Wingrider N'than Masiefth Brown Ista Steph
Wingrider V'rifaus Kolikith Brown Ista Lysa
Wingrider B'ziah Inigith Blue Ista Jamie
Wingrider F'liau Mavenath Blue Ista Adrian
Wingrider M'sha Anaximedrith Blue Ista Lysa
Wingrider Q'tasin Pheradith Blue Ista Maddy
Wingrider Tigrun Larcsforth Blue Ista Jamie
Wingrider Bristan Auberlith Green Ista Siarna
Wingrider Deccia Thiprith Green Ista Maddy
Wingrider R'kharo Kierikath Green Ista Lysa
Wingrider T'mah Arcanith Green Ista Adrian
Wingrider Rellkarnya Quinharth Green Ista Steph
Wingrider V'leto Liumeth Green Ista Maddy

The Stormriders

The Stormriders
Rank Name Dragon Colour Origins Author
Wingleader J'kalder Vandrakoth Bronze Istan Shawna
Wingsecond ? ? ? ? ?
Wingsecond ? ? ? ? ?
Wingrider A'lund Dalgariath Bronze Telgar Jamie
Wingrider M'nias Miath Bronze Telgar Siarna
Wingrider N'frem Kagarth Bronze Benden Mya
Wingrider R'lanis Terenocth Bronze Telgar Jess
Wingrider K'vrel Sengroth Brown Sengroth Mya
Wingrider T'razen Kudeth Brown Benden Maddy
Wingrider V'rignac Crishirith Brown Reaches Jamie
Wingrider Alavelle Felaruth Blue Benden Lysa
Wingrider Kadra Sorrenth Blue Fort Siarna
Wingrider Lelani Zalqueth Blue Telgar Claddagh
Wingrider Azrea Essyth Green Igen Shawna
Wingrider Danyri Tethyseth Green Reaches Siarna
Wingrider H'dwain Lilivith Green Telgar Jamie
Wingrider Minmairi Sabeketh Green Igen Jamie
Wingrider Vialynka Anquith Green Benden Siarna

Grounded Riders

Grounded Riders
Rank Name Dragon Colour Origin Author
Weyrwoman Sirasri Tameketh Gold Istan Maddy
Junior Weyrwoman Caulan Miaranth Gold Istan Lysa
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