Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: bisexual

Name: Ceoren


Ceoren is sturdy and a little scruffy looking. He’s perhaps a little taller than average, and he might have an inch or two more to grow. He has broad shoulders that he hasn’t gotten tired of showing off yet and dark hair and eyes. Shaving is still a relatively new experience, and he thinks he sports a nice manly scruff, though it’s still patchy and doesn’t grow terribly fast. Considering who his mother is, it’s a little hard to believe that Ceoren constantly looks as disheveled as he does. Not messy or dirty, exactly, but there always seems to be wrinkles on his shirt, or it’s not quite hanging right, or there’s an ink stain on his sleeve. He has darkly tanned skin, and the propensity to not wear a shirt whenever he can get away with it means he has few tan lines. Part of the rumpled look is because he’s never quite standing or sitting straight, instead he habitually slouches or lounges.


Ceoren is steady and mostly unflappable. He’s used to jumping at orders from those who outrank him, and he’s more of a follower than a leader. That’s not to say he’s a pushover, but given the choice, he’d rather not be the one in charge. He’s friendly and helpful and generally kind, but not terribly chatty. He grew up at the Weyr, and he has a healthy respect for riders and distrust of all the transfers coming in. Almost from birth, he’s heard that he should aspire to be a dragonrider, and he went into Candidacy early, but he’s come to realize recently that he doesn’t have the enthusiasm for it that a lot of the other Candidates have. He wants to be useful more than he wants to be a dragonrider, and he’s recently been considering other ways to do that.


Birthdate: 3.22

Ceoren grew up in the creche and the Weyr laundries under the benevolently critical eye of his mother. She taught him early on that the most fulfilling thing to do with one’s life was to be useful, and he’s been doing chores and running errands for longer than he could remember. As a result, he tended to get in slightly less trouble than many of the Weyrbrats.

He doesn’t know much about his father, other than that the man was a dragonrider and his mother doesn’t retain much fondness for him. Any attempts at finding out or guessing who it was are met with disapproval from his mother. These days, on the rare occasions he thinks about it, he assumes the man is either dead, or at another Weyr… the latter possibility makes distrusting the transfers strangely easier. Not knowing isn’t something that bothers him much.

He’s been a Candidate for several Turns now and jokes that he could teach half the classes to the new Candidates. Being left behind when the eggs hatch has never troubled him overly much, he’s always been confident that his dragon would come eventually. It’s only been the past few months that he’s begun to consider that maybe he should be actively looking for something to do with his life, in case the life of a dragonrider isn’t for him. In his time as a Candidate, he’s tried a handful of crafts, but nothing has particularly called to him .The only thing he does know is that he does not want to have anything to do with boats- he’s possibly the only Istan around who gets seasick .

Most recently, he’s trying to pick up extra work around the healers, mostly the dragonhealers. That, he’s considering, might be at least as useful a position as rider.



Mother: Cerianne
Father: a blue rider from Telgar who was at Ista with an injury
Siblings: If he has any, they’re on his father’s side and he doesn’t know them
Other: A maternal grandfather- Jorien

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