These are the current candidates at Ista Weyr, Standing for clutches.

Current Cot assignments can be found HERE

Candidate Sex Age Duties Author
Arlena Female 16 Mya
Ceoren Male 19 Dragonhealer Shawna
Dakaren Male 19 Dragonhealer Maddy
Eileanorah Female 21 Lower Caverns Jess
Faranna Female 16 Harper Siarna
Foylo Male 16 Weaver Adrian
Gennore Female 19 Ro
Ghauvry Male 22 Guard Corrin
Harvan Male 20 Mya
Jaga Male 22 Guard Jamie
Jirvory Male 17 Panda
Jorena Female 22 Tanner Ingrid
Jovirlyn Male 20 All the things Lysa
Julnar Female 19 Lower Caverns Jamie
Kelhelias Male 20 Smithy Corrin
Kirje Female 21 Guard Eyin
Kirkhar Male 19 Jamie
Kuvoka Male 13 Healer Jamie
Mikarlac Male 16 Lower Caverns Siarna
Radekzlen Male 18 Harper Siarna
Renrillian Female 14 Rendrian
Sarza Female 19 Lower Caverns Jamie
Tamalahi Male 21 Lower Caverns Corrin
Tamberam Male 17 Lower Caverns Siarna
Tashiva Female 19 Guard Maddy
Tybarol Male 17 Healer Panda
Valerika Female 15 Healer Siarna
Zaphia Female 16 Harper Siarna
Zubenya Male 20 Lower Caverns Jamie
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