Location Ista Weyr
Position Junior Journeyman
Birthdate 8.419.9.14 (33)
Birthplace Fort Hold, Healer Hall
Sexuality Married
Played-By n/a
Aliases Cais
Player Siarna

Caistina is sillily, obviously Northern, with bright blue eyes and bright blonde hair that will only bleach to a near white in the sun. Her hair is long, tied back into a bun or braided, pulled up and away from her face. Her pale skin will finally see some imperfections, burning to a bright red before freckling. She’ll start to invest in some sun bonnets or wide-brimmed hats. She’s not particularly fit; her children gave her a little bit of extra roundness, a bit of extra curves that she can’t seem to shake, despite walking the Weyr and regretting the mid-level weyr the husband decided that he needed.

She is always dressed for the task at hand. She gets the most use out of her wherhide and tough clothing, clothes that she knows will get some sort of fluid or blood on them and are relatively easy to clean or inexpensive to obtain. On her time off, however, it’s not unlikely for her to change into something light, something more relaxing and ladylike.


Caistina is smart. Infuriatingly smart. Healing comes as naturally to her as breathing, and she has never had to work particularly hard to do well. She’s got a great memory, she’s quick on his feet, and stubborn as a mule when it comes to healing and patient care. She’s got that soft side to her, the side that’s all sweet and comforting and sympathetic. She’s a Mother, after all, one that kisses ouchies and soothes nightmares. She’s always concerned. During Threadfall, she’s terrified that the next person in will be her husband. His walking sass is a relief at the end of every Threadfall- especially now that they’re at Ista, where she’s heard of the casualties and the hard winds. But she’s as stubborn as she is confident, as careful as she is harsh, Caistina can be an intense woman when she needs to be. This is the woman that is all business, that will tell you to stop whining, after all, it’ll hurt much more when- there, all done, what’s the big deal? She’s had to fight tooth and nail into the ranks into the healers, and she was so close to getting her Senior Journeyman, but here she is at Ista, in a new place with new people and new expectations, and she’s back at square one.

Riders are people, dragons are bigger people, and Faranth forbid they bother her because they are riders. Not that she doesn’t respect the riders, she does- and her husband has accidentally become the standard of which she judges the riders- sure, they’re a little useless on the ground- but she hears how good he is in the air, hears the praise and also the scorn over the giant, well-deserve ego, and has seen what Threadfall can do to “lesser” men. She has an immense respect for her husband and other riders, even though it’s not easily apparent. She’s the only one that keeps M’nias giant ego in check, after all.

She’s very prim and proper, from her upstanding Healer breeding, and it shows in her etiquette, in her well-mannered speech and quaint holder drawl. Even after so long, the Weyr is still a little confusing to her, but she has accepted weyr culture easily enough. She knows the ropes, she knows how people act and how to react. It does take a moment for her brain to register, even after so long, but she accepts it easily enough. And while she disapproves of many things, she’s keeps it quiet and to herself.

Common Knowledge

Her relationship with Miath is a very tentative one. He only mentally bespeaks her in emergencies, preferring instead to communicate verbally and through body language. She knows that he’s not just an animal, that he’s a smart, thinking being, but like any unImpressed, she can’t grasp the bond the two have. All she knows is that there are three people in this relationship, and she’s the one that will always come in third.
She’s not sure what to make of M’nias’ other children. She wanted to be a friend, or a mother figure, or someone to them, but they won’t have any of it. Parents aren’t real to them, and it doesn’t help that they were sent away with a Father they barely knew to a Weyr with one clutching gold and his stupid big bronze destiny mantra ringing in their ears.
Her marriage doesn’t lack fights, but it doesn’t lack devotion either. It’s taken a few turns, but they’re slowly coming to an understanding. They’re in a good place right now.


Caistina grew up the only girl among her siblings, with two older brothers and two younger ones. She learned to be rough and tumble to keep up with the older ones, yet when Mommy and Daddy turned their eyes on her, she was a perfect little girl and their little angel. Caistina was the baby that could no wrong. Her parents, both healers at the Fortian Healer Hall, expected a lot out of their children. So when she turned twelve she went into the apprenticeship with her two older brothers. Her younger brothers, however, had different callings; one of them transferred to the Harper Hall next door, while the youngest was Searched and Impressed to a green at Fort Weyr.

Caistina worked hard at the Hall. Her hard work was only really punctuated by the presence of a young bronzerider- met first at a Fort Hold Gather, then in subsequent visits to the Healer Hall. At first it was unwanted attention; she had no use for child so full of himself and his stupid beast, but it was the beginning of a long on again-off again relationship between the two. M’nias was a jerk of a teenager, and could not understand Caistina’s love and dedication to her Craft any more than she could understand his devotion to the Weyr, to preparing for the long-distant prospect of Threadfall.

Despite the bronzerider distraction, she got her Journeyman status right on time, at twenty-two, and in a stroke of good luck got her first assignment at Telgar Weyr (she assumes some strings were pulled, some Master sticking their match-making noses where it didn’t belong). Her brother warned her that the Weyr would be different. She didn’t believe him. The Infirmary was a little bastion of familiar, a home away from home in the strange world of dragonriders. She learned a lot about her bronzerider friend, and many things she might have preferred never knowing. Their relationship was a gradual change; it took a bad accident during wing drills for her to realize that she had stopped trying to play hard to get.

By twenty-four she was pregnant and gave birth to twins. She expected M’nias to run, expected him to ignore the whole situation, but he didn’t. He stood by her, despite snorts from his proud dragonriding family about being attached to a Holder Girl. The babies matured him, too, in his own way, and he did everything he could to make her comfortable, and to make the burden of raising them easier on her. While some dragonriders lose interest in their children after a few turns (around when they stop being cute), M’nias didn’t. He stuck around for all the doting, all the punishments, all the hard work. Caistina took a few turns of light duty at the Infirmary, intent on raising her children full-time, at least through their first turns.

The last eight turns have been a whirlwind for the pair, between work and duties and family. Telgar’s First Fall was a nightmare for Caistina. Every pair that returned to the Weyr injured could have been M’nias.Threadscore was terrible and terrifying and she nearly punched him clean in the nose when he came back, crowing about how perfect he was and how he was only threadscored just a little. Riders were sent away to Ista- including his sister and her friend- and secretly she was relieved. Theadfall was bad enough up here, even though the Weyrleader dubbed it minimal.

One great big fight was when M’nias volunteered to go to Ista. He was excited for the opportunity, to help out, and especially to fill the positions left vacant by the loss of so many bronzeriders. Caistina was not impressed. Oh, he did expect her to go too. Of course he did. But there was plenty of yellow tape- would Ista Weyr take her, did they need more Healers? Their call for Healers had passed; they had stoocked up before ‘Fall began. It took a few months for her transfer to get approved (yet it was surprisingly fast, Caistina was surprised) and despite protests from the twins she packed up her family and followed her husband.


Finnion- father, Master Healer (Fort Hold)
Taranna- Mother, Journeyman Healer (Fort Hold)
Farmac- brother (+4), Journeyman Healer (High Reaches Hold) (NPC/Adoptable)
Tanric- brother (+2), Journeyman Healer (Ista Hold) (NPC/Adoptable)
Brenian- brother (-1), Journeyman Harper (Southern Boll Hold) (NPC/Adoptable)
B’nan, brother (-1), green Rylith (Fort Weyr) (NPC/Adoptable)

M’nias, bronze Miath- she made some sort of vow or something
Caistas- son (8)
Rhia- daughter (8)




Rank: Junior Journeyman
Specialty: General Practice
Healer Hall, Fort Hold

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