Writer: Claddagh
Name: Caeldar
Nickname: Sunshine - No one is ever allowed to call me that, dammit!
Character type: Healer
Rank: Junior Journeyman
Age: 22 (8.431.5.23)
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual.


Caeldar was fortunate enough to be born good-looking, and has known it ever since he left the womb. Taller than most of the other boys, he fairly towers over most people, including his older brother (a fact of which he is immensely proud). He has his father’s sandy-brown curls, which look perpetually mussed up. He has a habit of tugging on them whenever he feels nervous or awkward (which can sometimes be quite often). Like his siblings, he has pale, unblemished skin which tans lightly in the sun (although he spends most of his time in the Infirmary, so does not often see the sun). He and all of his siblings inherited their mother’s kind, brown, cat-like eyes but the rest of his features (long nose, strong jaw and broad forehead) are all his father’s. Although he is in his twenties, Caeldar’s “pretty boy” looks keep him looking younger, and he has been confused on more than one occasion for a junior apprentice, despite having walked the tables within the last few months.


Caledar was blessed with inheriting his parents’ surgery talents and brilliant mind; he only lacks an application of effort and people skills to be truly great at his craft. As the baby of the family he is prone to a rather selfish and spoiled temper at times, mostly when he is around his older siblings about whom he has plenty of mixed feelings. He has a rather resentful side to him from his unresolved feelings of abandonment by his older siblings who left when he was a child to become dragonriders, and leaving him with their parents and their high expectations. But despite these faults, he does have a big, kind heart.

Growing up he was quite close to his older sister, Lelani, and his parents which instilled in him a sense of respect for family and duty. Because his parents and older sister had a tendency to be slightly overbearing most of the time, he has a natural desire to be a people-pleaser and will shy away from conflict. Because of this desire to shy away from conflict, he has become rather adept at navigating his way through times of social turmoil by trying to agree with both sides and find common ground (except for when he is arguing with one, or both, of his siblings and then he is more than happy to engage in a full-on screaming match with them).


Caeldar enjoyed a charmed early childhood as the youngest child born to a family of Healers from Telgar, and loved being doted upon by his parents. He and his two older siblings, C’lthan and Lelani along with their parents, formed a tight-knit family unit. Like his older siblings, he was expected to follow his parents into the Healingcraft (his mother came from a long line of Healers who had worked with the miners of Telgar), but unlike C’lthan and Lelani, their parents did not initially place too many expectations on him; after all, he was just the baby of the family.

This charmed life came to an abrupt halt, however, when his older brother was Searched and entered his Candidacy, shifting their parents’ expectations to Caeldar and his older sister Lelani. He had been too young at the time C’lthan had been Searched to really to understand what it all meant for him and their family, but in time he would certainly come to understand the pressure and expectations his parents placed on him. Like the good-natured boy he was at the time, Caeldar felt keenly the loss his parents and older sister felt at C’lthan’s absence and spent his time trying to cheer her up. Despite trying to replace C’lthan’s role in the family, Caeldar could not replace his older brother and it left him with a resentment towards C’lthan that he could not explain.

His resentment towards his eldest sibling only deepened when Lelani was Searched herself, completely abandoning him and leaving him with their parents, who now put all of their expectations for having a child in the Healingcraft on him. If the loss of C’lthan sparked resentment within Caeldar, Lelani leaving him kicked up a maelstrom of feelings within Caeldar. He’d been so furious with her the day she left, he had stormed out of the house and refused to say goodbye to her.

Still smarting from the insult from his siblings, Caeldar threw himself into learning the Healing craft. He found himself secretly pleased when Lelani didn’t Impress early in her Candidacy like C’lthan had, hoping she might to decide to give up her training and come back home, while there was still time for her to catch up on her Healingcraft training. He’d been severely disappointed then, when C’lthan volunteered to go to Ista Weyr where they were in need of riders due to the losses they’d suffered during Threadfall. He also felt more betrayed when Lelani decided to follow C’lthan over to Ista (despite not having Impressed yet) and requested a transfer.

By the time he walked the tables, Caeldar’s feelings had simmered down a little to come to some terms with his siblings’ decision, and hearing Ista Weyr was in need of competent and experienced journeymen to help them with the numerous injuries sustained during Threadfall, he requested to put in for a transfer. He was going where the need was greatest (or so he told himself), and if it just so happened to bring him closer to his sister to mend fences with her (not that he would admit to missing Lelani), then he guessed that was fine with him.



Caelthan Sr.: Master Healer
Lelavene: Journeyman Jr. Healer

People We Are Not Speaking To

C’lthan: older brother (+9 turns older than Caeldar)
Lelani: older sister (+2 turns younger than Caeldar). Rider of blue Zalqueth.



None currently at Ista. However, there is a string of broken hearts back at Telgar Weyr; too many to name. Not that he would remember their names in any case.


Caeldar's Craft: Healer

Rank: Junior Journeyman
Specialty: Trauma Surgery

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