Location Ista Weyr
Position Master Dragonhealer
Birthdate 8.398.4.11 (55)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Sexuality Heterosexual
Played-By Jeremy Clarkson
Player Steph


C'tark stands a very tall 6 foot 5 with a rather tall lanky build. His pronounced chin and heavy eyebrows often make him look deep in thought. His dark brown hair is starting to gray around the edges, something he's unfortunately very aware of. Though he can no longer be considered a full dragonrider, C'tark still dresses in riding leathers like all who have impressed.


As a young man C'tark was brash, impulsive and very over confident. After the accident that grounded Veyroth permanently, the bronzer went through a deep depression. If they couldn't fly he had a hard time knowing what their purpose was. Frequent visits to the dragonhealers slowly started to put an idea in the young man's head. If they couldn't maneuver well enough to fly in a wing, maybe they could help the others who had been injured. C'tark started training with the dragonhealers with the same enthusiasm he had for being a rider and never turned back.

Though he has calmed down with age, C'tark never lost his sense of humor and unwavering confidence in his work. He is also quite opinionated and will defend what he feels is right tooth and nail. His comments about Weyr politics and events are often funny in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. C'tark is very against the use of outsiders in their wings but he also understands the greater risks of flying at half strength.

C'tark does love to watch the sea in his free time, often going for long swims with Veyroth.


Birth Place: Ista Weyr, 8.398.4.11

Clatark was the youngest son born to a pair of harpers in Ista Weyr who already had six other children. He was eagerly handed over to the creche and grew up among the other youngsters there. Clatark quickly stood out among the other weyrbrats for his height, looking a turn or two older then he really was but it was his sense of humor that gained him many friends. As any good son of Ista, he became a candidate at 12 turns and confidently awaited the bronze that was sure to fit him.

Over confidence and a rebel streak started to grow with each passing hatching. Humor seemed to cover his arse well enough to stay in the Candidate Master's good graces. Clatark was 16 turns when he impressed the long bronze Veyroth. The two barreled through weyrling training together, often pushing their boundaries and the Weyrling Master's patience. They were known for their speed and split second maneuvers but it was a horrible accident that forced the promising pair to slow down.

C'tark and Veyroth were too eager to learn to between. Thinking they already knew everything, they tried to make a jump before their AWLM gave the last instruction. Veyroth came out of between near the sea and far too close to jagged cliffs. The young bronze smashed into the rocks at full speed doing permanent damage to his right wing and grounding the pair forever before they were even old enough to graduate. Veyroth would never maneuver well enough to chase golds or fly thread though he can manage glides and very short flights to hunt for himself.

In an effort to find their purpose and duty to Ista, C'tark started training with the dragonhealers. Veyroth became very good at helping to calm the other dragons down while they were being treated and his rider applied his full focus to helping others. As turns passed C'tark moved up in the ranks, eventually making Master before the First Fall.

Personal Timeline
Date Age Event Wing/Class
8.398.4.11 00 turns Clatark (C’tark) is born Weyrbrat
8.410.4.11 12 turns Enters candidacy Candidate
8.414.6.20 16 turns Impresses bronze Veyroth Weyrling
8.415.4.xx 17 turns Veyroth gravely injured in betweening accident
8.416.4.xx 18 turns Apprentices to the Dragonhealers, Veyroth permanently grounded Apprentice Dragonhealer
8.422.xx.xx 24 turns Promoted to Sr. Apprentice Sr. Apprentice Dragonhealer
8.426.xx.xx 28 turns Promoted to Journeyman Journeyman Dragonhealer
8.432.4.18 34 turns Rellkarnya is born
8.433.xx.xx 35 turns Promoted to Sr. Journeyman Sr. Journeyman Dragonhealer
8.444.4.18 46 turns Rell enters candidacy 52 turns First Fall Disaster
9.1.1.xx Promoted to Master Master Dragonhealer 53 turns Rell impresses to green Quinharth 54 turns Rell graduates into the Fighting Wings



Father: Clorken, harper (deceased)
Mother: Arkanna, harper (deceased)
Siblings: 6 brothers & sisters

Daughter: Rellkarnya, rider of green Quinharth


Rell’s mother: Unnamed greenrider, deceased in First Fall


Sirasri, rider of gold Tameketh
B'les, rider of bronze Vultath
Therden, Master Dragonrider


Dragon: Bronze Veyroth

Name Veyroth
Color Bronze
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate 8.414.6.20 (39 turns)
Wing Permanently Grounded
Artwork By Steph


Veyroth is one very handsome, impressive example of a bronze dragon. His uniform bright brassy hide has yet to fade with age. His limbs are long and more heavily muscled than most dragons due to walking or swimming being his main mode of transportation with a long tail to match Veyroth's right wing is a little twisted at the joints but only enough to notice up close. It won't fully extend like his left wing but can be moved enough for short glides and climbs to the weyr heights.


Age and their weyrlinghood accident has calmed down Veyroth much faster than he ever intended to. Though he will never chase, the bronze holds no grudges against those who can. He still loves the company of a lovely female dragon and will happily shower them with compliments in exchange for some snuggles.
Just like C'tark, Veyroth is very confident in their duties to Ista. He has a knack for helping to calm down dragons under his rider's care and won't hesitate to push around a bit of bronze size when needed. He is also fiercely Istan, the product of a long line of fighting dragons but will be the one to calm down C'arks when his opinions get him too fired up. Veyroth is a living example of what NOT to do as a weyrling and will happily share their story with any young dragons in an effort to prevent another good fighting dragon from being grounded.

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