Character type: Dragonrider

Rank: Wingrider

Age: 38

Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


C’pon is not a particularly memorable looking person. He’s broad shouldered and muscular, sure but in a very forgettable way. He’s a little over 6’ tall, with dark brown hair he keeps twisted into dreadlocks and medium brown skin both from genetics and a lifetime of spending most of his waking hours outdoors. He uses the Ista heat as an excuse to go shirtless as much as possible, showing off both his muscular chest and his full back tattoo of a dragon flaming Thread. It also shows off the (mostly fading) scars on his arms and upper chest from fights when he was younger.


As far as C’pon is concerned his life is amazing. He has food and clothes and housing, all provided to him essentially free of charge. His best friend has enough power and influence to help him out of any trouble he might get in to. Between mating flights and general Weyr attitudes towards sex he gets laid just about any time he wants to. He has connection to more or less every bit of underworld business on Ista Island, and a thriving side job smuggling goods. Oh, and he has a giant, totally loyal fire breathing dragon. How could things be any better? He saunters through life sure that he’s always going to come out on top one way or another. He doesn’t desire power the way J’reh does - so long as has everything he wants, he’s not constantly seeking more.

C’pon is not, however, a nice person in any way, shape or form. Other people matter to him very little except in how he can use them. Even more so than J’reh, the vast majority of C’pon’s empathy was used up in Impressing his dragon. He’s a bully at best, and downright cruel at the worst. While Marceth would never (intentionally) hurt anyone, he learned long ago that most holderfolk don’t know that, and he’s not above using his blue to intimidate and extort people.

He’s perfectly happy with the fact that J’reh uses him as an bullyboy, punishing those who defy the bronzerider’s orders with fists and occasionally blade. Subtly of course, always making sure J’reh has at least one layer of plausible deniability regarding C’pon’s actions. If he has to take the fall to protect J’reh’s reputation, he will. To a point. He won’t risk his life for his friend, but that’s about it.

The Outsiders, as a general rule grate on C’pon’s nerves, especially any who think they’re somehow ‘better’ than the Istans. Not that he cares overly much about ‘Istan superiority’ or anything, but Outsiders are unknown quantities, and far too many of them have attitudes that make C’pon want to punch their faces in. He’ll follow J’reh’s lead and keep his hands off of Wingmates, but he’s practically looking for an excuse to wail on someone who’s not in his Wing.


Birthplace: Ista Sea Hold, 8.412.12.23

C’pon has always been aggressively independent man. His mother died when he was a baby, and his father was a seacrafter, and once he was old enough to make his own food and clean up after himself, he was often left to his own devices while his father was out at sea. He ran more or less wild along the docks of Ista Sea Hold picking up all the worst habits from the sailors and other craftbrats like himself. He was an unapologetic bully, and by the time he met Joreh he’d acquired what amounted to a gang of kids much like himself who more or less had a lock on doing whatever they pleased and terrorizing anyone smaller or weaker than they were. But he had no plan, no real idea how to get more than what he had, and that was what Joreh provided. He began really scoping out the underworld of the Sea Hold, the drug and sex trades, the smuggling, and working his way in to those higherarchies. But he was young and inexperienced, and probably would have either gotten caught or killed if he hadn’t been Searched.

At Ista he Impressed blue Marceth and was quick to realize that opened a whole new world up to him. Sure he had to tend his dragon and do drills and that sort of stuff, but he had a dragon. A huge, flying, scary looking dragon. And when he wasn’t in drills and such, he could go anywhere. Even better his best friend J’reh had Impressed a bronze, so even within the Weyr he could trade on his friend’s status for stuff. He resumed making contacts with various underworld types, and within a few Turns was pretty much the go-to guy if you wanted something that might not be strictly legal or encouraged.

The first Fall was far less traumatic for C’pon than a lot of people. He certainly didn’t lose anyone he cared about, and while Marceth did get scored, it was a minor injury that didn’t keep them out of comission for any time at all. And best of all, it finally landed J’reh that Wingleadership they’d both wanted him to get. Now, as far as C’pon’s concerned, he’s untouchable, and that’s amazing.



His father & probably a half sibling or two are back at Ista Sea Hold


J'reh, Rider of Bronze Rantoth

C'pon's Dragon: Blue Marceth

Colour: Blue

Age: 25

Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.425.5.13
Wing: Stormriders


Marceth is not an attractive dragon. He’s a big blue, but not excessively so, still well within the usual range for his color. But he’s stocky, with wide shoulders, a deep chest, and very visible muscles especially in his wings and arms. His muzzle is short and his facial ridges deep, giving him an unfortunate resemblance to an overgrown wher. While he’s never had trouble flying, his wings look a touch short in comparison to his body, short and broad. On the plus side, this does give him very good stamina in the air. On the ground he lumbers quite a bit, with greater than average awkwardness.


Marceth isn’t quite the bully his rider is. He can’t be, really, when three other colors outrank him. But he does like to throw his weight around, both physically and socially. He use to be a braggart, and more than once spoiled something underhanded C’pon was dealing in by bragging about it to other dragons. He mostly doesn’t do that any more, but it’s morphed into almost fanatical insistence that his rider is the best ever and anyone who thinks differently is just wrong.

Though he won’t admit it often (mostly because then C’pon teases him about it), he’s self-conscious about his physical appearance, and worries that greens won’t like him. He doesn’t flirt much because of this, but he does throw himself all in to greenflights, figuring his athletic ability can make up for what he lacks in looks.

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