Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider
Birthdate 417.05.10 (37)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Sexuality Bisexual
Played-By Courteney Cox
Aliases Bris
Player Siarna

Bristan has grown into a lovely woman, with a figure that she’s not aware of. She’s of average height, with an athletic build that’s only maintained by being a dragonrider. She’s lost a lot of weight since becoming a dragonrider; and she still carries a little bit of that stigma with her. She has a little bit of extra weight still, though it’s mostly seen in her curves- most particularly her hips, of which any regular holder would be jealous of. She’s learned how to sway them to catch the right attention, and it’s both her most and least favorite feature of herself. She has some minor scarring on her shoulder down to her elbow that she’s a little self-conscious about, and tries to hide it under long sleeves for as long as weather permits.

Her face is nice, if a little sharp, with prominent cheekbones, and a pointed chin. Brown eyes match her dark brown hair that tumbles down past her shoulders in waves, though it’s generally pinned back into ponytails or pigtails or whichever fashion suits her fancy- or plainly pulled back into her riding helmet. She prefers, on her off days, to leave it down. Her eyes have a pointed gaze to them, that can leave you warm and fuzzy or scared.


It’s hard to tell if Bristan was just naturally the mother hen type, or whether she developed that way because she didn’t have any choice. Bristan stepped in to care for her family, and was never really able to stop playing Mom from that moment on. She is the Mom, the friend that always has a pot of klah or snacks ready, a shoulder to cry on, and a grumble to ‘get your boots off my klah-table I just cleaned that’. And while her friends crack jokes and giggle over it (while hastily getting their boots off her klah table) it’s mostly an endearing behaviour. She’s there when she’s needed with a smile, a listening ear, and a warm hug. She's the responsible one, the one who always looks to others' needs before her own, who checks up on the people she cares about.

And deep down she really is a kind and caring person. She loves to nurture and care, even though her friends are adults and can do things by themselves. She’s a bit of a control freak- she has trouble accepting the independence of her loved ones, whether it was over ‘have you eaten enough?’ down to ‘why can’t you keep your sharding weyr clean?!’ and often expresses her frustration in their inability to take care of themselves, even as she herds them around so much that they hardly have a chance to try. It isn't just her family, either. She has a bad habit of attracting strays, be they lovers, friends, or wingmates, who need her to be strong for them.

She’s a naturally dutiful woman, hardworking and determined. She doesn’t do anything halfway, and it shows. She’s better in the air than she thinks, and it’s that kind of hard work that’s gotten her through Threadfall so far. Her weyr needs to be scrubbed clean with all the little pieces put all in the right place. When she cooks— and by Faranth she does cook, though now more as a hobby than necessity— the food must be set on the plate just so, and all the dishes must be done right away and put back in their spots.

Bristan is a little awkward (a little being an understatement), mostly because she tries so darn hard. She’s a terrible liar, and the stories she makes up to explain exactly why she’s cleaning someone’s weyr or why is she down in the sharding infirmary again become grandiose and more than a little embarrassing. She mostly takes it in stride, laughing it off later.

Maybe it’s because of needing to care for her family for so long, maybe it’s her naturally nurturing attitude, but she desperately wants to be Mother. Once, she wanted to settle down with a nice young man (a nice rider, Auberlith voted) but she hasn’t quite found The One yet. And while that is certainly a concern with her-she’s a romantic at heart- but she’s been in the Weyr long enough to know that she doesn’t exactly need a weyrmate. She’s chalking up her recent failures to excessive betweening.

Second Update: Provided she doesn't get herself thread-eaten in the Queen's Wing. Grounded until further notice.


Bristan was the first child to Journeyman Healer Paskam and his new wife Noria. She was welcomed like any first baby, with all the brand new clothes and stuffies and freshly polished crib. She had a whole two turns to be doted on before Noria caught the pregnant again, this time with her little brother Narroy. Bristan was a happy toddler that welcomed her brother, content to toddle along and ‘help’. Her childhood was simple and happy; Daddy was busy with his work but he was always there after skinned knees or to coo over the latest picture framed to the wall. She got along well with Narroy growing up, and it’s a relationship that’s lasted well into adulthood.

She started to notice little things with her parents when she was eleven. Her parents suddenly had less time for her. The mystery was solved a few months later when Mom suddenly ballooned into pregnancy. And while she was just old enough to catch the subtle hints that her parents were having marital problems (the cause of which she never realized for turns later),
IT WAS THE MOST EXCITING TIME OF BRISTAN’S LIFE. She was so excited for the new baby. She helped set up the old crib, pulled out the old hand-me down clothes, and even had a list of suggested baby names to help her parents with the task.

The whole event ended in tragedy. Suddenly her Mother was gone—and, while it her passing hit the whole family hard, with Bristan no exception- but with her father and brother barely able to function for a while, and a newborn baby to care for, Bristan stepped up as the head of the family for a while. Being a preteen, however, it didn’t start so well. She learned how to change diapers from the wet nurse. She dressed little Miritte in all the hand-me down clothes and soothed her when she was fussy. She moved back home (after a few months in the small apprentice barracks at the Istan Infirmary) to make sure both her Father and brother were eating properly. For a while it was mostly boiled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches, but at least she knew they were eating.

Being a makeshift Mom wasn’t easy for Bristan. She didn’t realize exactly how busy Mom had been, cooking and cleaning and pending and parenting. While she tried to be supportive and be that person, she was just a little too young to do all of the chores and still coo over the pretty pictures Miritte drew. Maybe she ignored a little too much and disciplined too hard- it took a whole day to scrub the paint off the wall!- and it’s something she regrets now that it’s all said and done.

Bristan was nineteen when her Father uprooted the family and packed them off to Ista Weyr. At first she was furious- she had friends at the Hold, and it was where the children grew up! Weyr culture compounded the problem; made her feel unwelcome and foreign. It certainly didn’t help that she and Nerroy were Searched! Initially she turned it down with a ‘no-thank-you-sir’ because she didn’t want to have her attention stolen away by some dragon. But Nerroy was so intent on going, so intent to throw away everything for some stupid beast that Bristan followed, even though she dumped little Miritte unceremoniously into the creche. It would just be for a few months, she reasoned. Then Nerroy would Impress (or not, and have some sense knocked into him) and she could go back to helping Daddy and Miritte around the house.

It was a small clutch, to be sure, and while many of the weyr girls were all awash in dreams of being the next hero of Pern, Bristan would not hear tell of it. She wanted to be back home. She was certain that her Father wasn’t eating properly (Faranth forbid he go down to the Dining Hall) or doing any laundry on his own. All her worries melted away when a beautiful little green looked at her with bright, pretty eyes and picked her. Auberlith was just perfect, a puzzle piece finally clicking into place. For a while, nothing mattered but her little Auberlith; between caring for her dragon and lessons, and later entering the fightings wings (she had a whole weyr to herself! A WHOLE WEYR), she never had the time to stop and think. She deeply regrets it now- missing out on such a huge gap of Miritte’s life- that she hadn’t realized Miritte had joined the Healercraft until long after the fact. It was through one of her visits with Daddy (for their weekly grilled cheese) that she found out that they had fought. Of what, neither would tell her, but she could make some educated guesses.

Then there was the bloodbath of First Fall. Somehow she survived the initial onslaught— how, Bristan is not entirely sure, she didn’t think of herself as that talented a rider— and then a few more. She was too tired, too strained to worry about the gap between Paskam and Miritte, worrying instead about Auberlith and N’roy and Jaffreeth and her wingmates. They experienced minor Scores during that time, not enough to be taken off of active duty but enough to see the inside of the infirmary after the fact. While Auberlith was tended to lickety-split, it took some time before Bristan was tended, and by then the damage was done. Her left shoulder down her arm is scarred and sensitive, but Bristan counts herself lucky. She barely even thought about the dead until months later, when the wings were filling with Outsiders and she had the time to sit back and breathe. It was the first Threadfall after the Outsiders came that she was involved in a collision- an Outsider blue, hit in Ista’s troublesome winds, crashed into Auberlith and left a gash along her right foreleg.

Now that the Outsiders are firmly entrenched in Ista and, by most accounts, here to stay, Bristan has taken to many of them like a Mother Hen. She still finds time to go down to the Infirmary more often that she needs, mostly to pester her Father (and a few of the Healers down there are just gorgeous). She finds it harder to bother her little sister. She doesn’t know what to say anymore. Nothing seems to break through that cold wall she’s erected around herself.

Common Knowledge

Bristan kept a lot of her Mother’s things. A few old dresses and lots of trinkets that YOU DO NOT TOUCH EVER.
Family Dinners are once a sevenday. Which she cooks. Usually it's just her and Paskam. Sometimes N'roy tags along. Miritte hasn't been there since The Fight.


Paskam, Masterhealer, Daddy dearest
N'roy, Bluerider, brother and best friend
Miritte, Journeyman Healer, sister

R'nayl, brown Paixth
Hawlsen, handsomest healer ever
Eldavari, cutest healer ever
N'shal, bluerider, baby daddy


Color Green
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate 8.439.3.2 (18)
Wing Queen's Wing (Grounded)

Auberlith is a gorgeous green. Her hide is a uniform emerald green, though bright, with an almost bluish tint that, before Flights, looks like she simply sparkles in the sun. She’s small, even for her colour, and dainty-thin, with no extra muscle. There’s an elegance to her neck and tail, and something a little coy about her too, the way she swishes her tail like a cat and how she tilts her little head to watch those around her. Her wings are long and carefully placed, either draped along her weyr (or over a willing partner) or folded neatly against her sides. Despite her thin frame and agile appearance, she’s a klutz in the air. She needs that little bit of extra practise to get things right, that little extra encouragement on a job well done. Thankfully, she and Bristan both think fast on their feet (wings?) and there hasn’t been any major accidents. Yet.

She does, however, have a single scar, barely noticeable nowadays, that happened when the Outsiders first arrived. Another dragon got caught in the wind and collided into her- and thankfully, all she got out of it was a good fright and a few minor scrapes, a few bruises- and a gash down her leg that needed several stitches.


Auberlith is exactly what a momma-figure like Bristan wanted in a dragon. As a weyrling, she was childish enough for Bristan to switch her parenting skills onto the little green, and she adored the attention lavished on her. She still does, though now it’s to preen. Bristan must have rubbed off on her a little bit, because everything must be just right- from her finely oiled hide (she’s certain Bristan missed a spot…do it again) to her riding gear to every movement or pose is meant to attract attention, either from her rider or from others nearby. That attention-seeking behaviour does make her rather well-behaved, and she’s content to sit patiently when necessary.

That’s not to say that’s she’s entirely self-absorbed or mean. She’s a sweet little girl, delightfully soft spoken and caring. A proper lady such as herself won’t partake in the rough play of the other, bigger dragons, preferring that if they must partake in games or play that they do so gently, so nobody gets hurt (and so that her hide doesn’t get too dusty).

She’s a little naive as well, plainly not understanding much of weyr goings-on over the colour and wing hierarchy, and some ideas she gets into her head are just plain fanciful. Her memory seems a little shorter than normal, her reactions just a little slower, that she needs that extra little push from Bristan or extra practice at wing drills to just get it right, but she does them all happily and without any complaint.

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