Birthday Calendar

439th Turn

3.27 R'liar Ista Protectorate

438th Turn

1.6 Emley Ista Hold

437th Turn

2.22 Luptu Ista Protectorate
5.14 F'liau Ista Weyr
6.22 L'ril Ista Weyr
13.11 L'rori Ista Hold
Unknown R'thriel Ista Weyr
Unknown W'kiax Ista Protectorate

436th Turn

6.17 S'kand Ista Weyr

435th Turn

11.11 N'valu Ista Protectorate
13.10 Q'tasin Ista Protectorate

434th Turn

2.20 Caulan Ista Protectorate
3.12 Safrim Igen Weyr
9.17 Devella Ista Weyr

433th Turn

12.21 Ashabel Ista Protectorate

432nd Turn

1.16 Z'srel Ista Weyr
2.13 Z'rain Ista Weyr

431th Turn

13.13 D'koi Ista Weyr

430th Turn

1.1 L'fer Telgar Protectorate
9.25 H'jorek Fort Protectorate
11.11 N'khara High Reaches Protectorate

428th Turn

4.13 T'vel Ista Weyr
8.8 E'lief Ista Hold

427th Turn

5.17 Ephena Ista Protectorate

426th Turn

6.20 Vialynka Benden Weyr
12.1 Vausse High Reaches Protectorate

425th Turn

3.30 Sirasri Ista Weyr
13.28 K'vrel Fort Weyr

424th Turn

12.1 T'razen Benden Hold

423rd Turn

9.13 Sorley Telgar Protectorate

422nd Turn

8.20 M'sha Igen Weyr

417th Turn

7.21 Liles High Reaches Protectorate
8.15 T'tavri Fort Weyr

415th Turn

2.23 Vofali Ista Weyr
4.9 V'lada Ista Weyr
5.1 F'harin Ista Weyr
5.2 Vivaeldi Ista Protectorate
12.1 D'cul High Reaches Weyr

414th Turn

5.20 R'nayl Ista Hold

412th Turn

8.26 D'veld Ista Weyr
13.27 D'gulas Ista Weyr

410th Turn

6.12 N'mor Ista Weyr

408th Turn

11.1 G'bhardo Ista Protectorate

398th Turn

5.28 G'zark Ista Weyr

395th Turn

11.8 Nareyn Ista Weyr

384th Turn

3.20 W'ven Ista Protectorate
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