Character Type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 18


Like his fosterbrother Heslen, Bermeri comes from a long line of dragonriders on both sides of his family. He’s Istan to the bone and he loves it! There are a great deal of benefits to being Istan, Bermeri thinks, the sun, the sea, the beautiful women, handsome men, the seafood, the wine, surely this has to be the best place on Pern. All of those wonderful things are right here at his fingertips, and you can be sure that Bermeri will enjoy ALL of them with great gusto.

He’s aware of the responsibilities he should have, and he fully intends to Impress and become a dragonrider like everyone else in his family before him, but until that dragon hatches from its egg and chooses him he’s going to enjoy life footloose and fancy free.

There’s something infectious about Bermeri’s enthusiasm, his willingness to do anything, try anything, to throw himself into everything. He’s a positive soul, very rarely having a mean thing to say about anyone, he leaves that to Heslen, and instead focuses on being the life of every party and social gathering ever. He particularly has a thing for wine, somehow he always manages to procure it and at the slightest hint of a gathering you can be sure there will be wine involved.

Like Heslen he has a thing for gorgeous and potentially unattainable people, particularly redheads. He’s a dramatic fellow, prone to great, dramatic speeches of undying love, huge gestures, ridiculous actions. He’s a born performer, meant to be in the spotlight, happy and free.

In his drunkest moments however, right before bed, when he’s coming down off the alcohol and his mood is at his lowest, he worries that he won’t Impress. That he will be the first of his family to fail at Impressing. He can’t bear the thought of not being a rider, so while he celebrates another few months of freedom after every hatching is done, deep down inside, with every passing turn, the fear grows a little more real.


Heslen, foster-brother, wingman, bromantic platonic life partner of awesome, Candidate.

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