Character type: Candidate
Rank: None
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


Until recently Baxes had beautiful long, wavy brown locks, then she got it in her head to cut them all off herself. Hair was such a pain! Always needing to be untangled and always was getting in the way. So she took a knife to it and the result is a short crop that more often than not stands up every which way because of its unevenness. There’s still a pretty pixie face there with bright blue eyes, though it takes a bit of a closer look to see the femininity of it because at first glance she looks like any of the boys running around.

It doesn’t help that she generally doesn’t wear any dresses or skirts, except for the rare occasion she feels inspired to be pretty and/or shock people. She’ll be tall like her father and definitely not petite; she’s already showing to be quite stocky. She’s darkly tanned with a handful of freckles, though these aren’t often seen under the layer of dirt she manages to acquire before breakfast on


Like father, like daughter: Baxes is a LOUD child. And not in a squeaky, girly way either, she has a full-out bellow that shows signs of having almost the power of her father’s one day. She’s a boisterous, bossy and impatient little thing. She hates waiting for something to be done and if she knows how to do it she’d rather just push you out of the way and do it herself. She’s a tomboy at heart, always more happy to get rough and dirty than do to any of the girly things. Grandma Eidey has tried to get her able to do at least SOME of the things a lady should be able to do, but Baxes has only managed to burn alot of things and would even rather do the dishes than any of the cooking. Still, she’s an obedient child at least, without a dishonest bone in her body (perhaps something she could use; there are alot of things that come out of her mouth that really should stay in).

She’s strong for a child, always trying to push herself to be more awesome. And not just cause the boys can do it, but because she relishes in the idea of being unique and great. Not that she doesn’t mind beating the boys sometimes too. Maybe not the most clever, her deductive reasoning especially is awful, but she has an incredible memory. Show her once or twice and she’ll log it away. She rarely grasps the concept of things or how they work, she simply memories every aspect of it until she can just regurgitate the answer. She can
watch flight drills and start to remember specific patterns, for example, but she’d struggle to put those to appropriate use in a wing or understand how they apply to fighting thread until she’s seen it done.

Since she could get around on her own Baxes made herself a common part of Istan scenary, like any other feature on the Weyr. If there’s dragons around then Baxes is there. She has an almost unhealthy obsession with any of the draconic creatures and isn’t shy about involving herself in any way she can. She knows any of the local riders at least by face, generally remembering their dragon first and makes herself a constant nuisance offering to help them in anyway she can. She’s a little more reserved about the newcomers to the Weyr, only because one of the older boys told her what horrible monsters that are sent from the Outside, but after verifying they are safe she’ll badger them all the same. Even folk with fire-lizards get the same treatment.

Its not just that she needs to be around them, she wants to know as much as possible about everything to do with them, so she’ll be firing off questions as quickly as someone can answer them. But she makes herself useful as well. She knows how to properly help wash and oil, and is frequently offering to run errands for the riders, or bring them refreshments after drills. In the last few months she’s even spent time bugging the dragonhealers, happy to do any chores just to learn a little more.

One thing Baxes was always sure of is that she likes other girls, but this is one area she’s not overly loud about just yet. She’s a little hesitant to see how her family feels about this, but once hormones kick in she won’t be able to hide who she’s checking out or keep from talking about just how pretty someone is.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.440.4.23

Baxes’ mother loved having children and loved being the object of some handsome man’s desire. She had plenty of babies in her life, but she should have perhaps stopped earlier on She was nearly forty when she
had Baxes and it was a particularly difficult birth, one that she didn’t survive. Her own mother though was happy to step in and put as much attention on the child as she could. Unfortunately for Eidey, Baxes immediately took to her father, who really was more meant to be raising little boys than little ladies. Try as she might to make something proper of the girl, Baxes was too much of a tomboy, taking after B’les’ ostentatious nature.

Her first and only desire in life was to impress a dragon. And a boy dragon, she was very clear about, because the girls were too frilly. Anytime she could get away she could be found watching the wings fly or clambering all over any dragon that would let her. She even begged for a fire-lizard of her own, but Grandma Eidey was stern about her not being old enough yet. Still she let the child help take over some of the care of her own little bronze since the creature didn’t care much at all who gave him attention.

The First Fall only made it more clear to Baxes that she was supposed to impress a dragon and do it NOW. Ista needed good people in the sky then and now its only more important to have awesome people who were
born to do it, as she assumes she is. She just wishes she would get older faster so she can be a candidate and get on with her real life.



Father: Bronzerider B’les,
Grandmother: Eidey (deceased)
Mother: Axley (deceased),
Many siblings some killed in First Fall.

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