Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


B’ziah is a fairly big guy, 6’1” with a solid build and muscular frame, and he moves like someone who’s used to throwing his weight around and getting his way. Sure, there are plenty of men bigger and stronger than he is, too, but there’s no denying that his sheer physicality has helped influence how he interacts with the world around him. He’s not above looming, swaggering, or just generally intimidating, and his body language betrays no fear at the aggressive approach of others; it’s partially in the attitude, certainly, but a lifetime of being bigger and stronger and more aggressive than most of the people around him certainly hasn’t hurt his confidence. His skin is medium brown, his hair dark but almost always streaked with sunbleached reddish-brown on top when he allows it to grow out; most of the time, however, he keeps it cropped short. He likes to keep facial hair — his jaw isn’t exactly weak, but it looks less-defined somehow when it’s clean-shaven — but the style varies depending on the season and his mood. Often it’s just heavy stubble, but he’s also been known to wear a mustache or goatee, sometimes with sideburns and sometimes without. His brown eyes are a bit small, or maybe it’s just that his brows, thick and level, loom over them and make them seem smaller than they actually are.


Depending on who you ask at Ista, B’ziah is either a harmless fun-loving rascal or a complete and utter sleazeball. The truth is probably somewhere in between, or at least a bit of both. He claims to be easygoing, just a guy who likes to have a little fun when he’s not busy risking his life — isn’t he entitled to that? — but the truth is he lives for drama and takes perverse pleasure in stirring it up. He’s a troublemaker, an instigator, the man who knows all the gossip (partially because he’s often at the center of it, by his own design) and who won’t hesitate to make his opinions known, without an ounce of tact or decorum. His temper burns quick and dark, and he’s notorious for brawling hard and bloody and then laughing the whole thing off five minutes later. He’s also notorious for his sexcapades, mostly because he likes to talk about them in public, and the whole Weyr knows he’s a hunter of virgins and a possessor of dozens of kinks ranging from mild to rather alarming.

His family and friends are very important to him. That’s not to say that he’s an entirely dependable or model friend or brother to have, because he’s prone to being an asshole to the ones he loves as much, or maybe even more, than those he doesn’t, but against anyone looking in from the outside he’ll defend his people with fists and teeth if he has to. Don’t call it chivalry — it’s pure territorial possessiveness, fodder for his ego knotted hopelessly up with affection and camaraderie, and sometimes it’s ugly and unwelcome.


Birthdate: 03.04

B’ziah is Ista weyrborn, and he’s never known anything else. His family is large and deeply-rooted weyrstock, so he has a lot of connections around Ista — he and his cousin B’fadi were the closest in age among their sprawling family and were raised as brothers, and though the two of them are as different as night and day, B’ziah has spent most of his life beating the shit out of anyone who made the mistake of thinking his much-smaller-but-loudmouthed cousin was easy pickings. There was never any question that they would both become candidates and eventually fly for Ista Weyr when Thread fell again — like so many of their peers, they were young patriots raring to go, and when they both Impressed blues, their future was set.

In the turns that followed, B’ziah prepared for Thread along with the other dragonriders, and lived his life in the meantime. He’s fathered at least a dozen children that he knows of and can name off-hand, though he often gets the names wrong and only remembers them at all because he likes to brag about spreading his seed around. He also developed a complicated sort of relationship with Rayale — complicated because, though they both have many other partners and would never consider weyrmating (B’fadi calls weyrmating “holdbred accomodation” and B’ziah tends to agree) , and though they spend half their time fighting (sometimes physically), they somehow keep ending up in bed together. They both insist it’s only because they’re so sexually compatible, but whatever the reason they’ve spent the better part of the past ten turns trying to dominate one another and win a game that neither of them will even admit is being played.

The losses of the first ‘Fall hit B’ziah harder than many would realize. He had taken his large family — both close blood relations and the extended family of the Weyr — more for granted than most, and suddenly in only a few candlemarks so many of them were gone. And within a few days, some of their weyrs were already occupied by unfamiliar faces, with more coming every day. Though he’s bounced back admirably and it’s often hard to tell that there’s anything different about him at all (after all, he always was rather territorial anyway), he still resents those foreign faces, and he’ll side with an Istan against one every single time, no matter how ridiculous the situation.



Father: D’zan, rider of blue Govachoth
Mother: Baniyah, rider of green Eligwaith
Siblings: Many
Children: Also Many
Cousins: B'fadi, Jalnala, others


Rayale, rider of green Kinsuinth
Many others


Dragon Name: Inigith
Colour: Blue
Age: 25
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.429.4.14


Inigith is a decent example of an average sort of blue dragon. There is nothing particularly special about his build — he’s average in size and bulk, as fit as any good healthy dragon but otherwise unremarkable. His skillset is exactly what you’d expect, too: a good all-around dragon, jack-of-all-trades and master of none, but valuable for those exact qualities even so. He’s versatile, able to fill a lot of different positions in the wing adequately, and often finds himself moved about providing coverage where wingmates have had to drop out or take extended leaves due to injuries.

His hide is a very dark, deep blue, the color of the night sky, with very little — if any — variation at all.


Inigith is a dragon who, for whatever reason, always seems to be bubbling with mirth just beneath the surface. He’s easy-going and seemingly immensely amused about everything. He seems to have a witty observation for any given situation, and when he’s not speaking he somehow gives the impression that he’s smiling. It’s difficult to fluster him, or to ruin his good mood, and he’s good at remaining positive and steady when B’ziah is flying off the handle.

He has a keen interest in the minds of of humans other than his rider, and a good Search sense; however, B’ziah’s tendency to provoke the locals has kept them from being assigned as an official Searchpair.

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