Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


Attractiveness is subjective of course, but there are quite a few people who would call Birsalen quite attractive. He's that cute kind of hot, with one of those little snub noses, light olive skin and a slim, boyish build. His mouth is expressive, always curling up in a smile smirk, or moving to frame some taunt. His hair is dark blond, almost light brown and slightly scruffy, adding to that youthful, playful allure he's got going on. To top it all off he has a pair of dancing hazel green eyes, framed by dark lashes. In all…he doesn't look like he's much, could be dismissed as a pretty boy with little going for him, but there is a lot more to this young man than meets the eye.


People often stereotype 'happy' people as being sweet, innocent and perky. Well that's crap because Birsalen is plenty happy, he's just that wicked kind of happy, with bright eyes, sharp smile and a sassy retort right there on the tip of his tongue. He hates complacency, he hates people feeling all smug and superior, secure at the top. He hates that. Frankly he thinks everything works better if there is someone testing everything out, checking out the weak spots. And hey…he loves doing it.

He's never going to be one of those nerds, someone who studies and enjoys doing it, and nor is he one of those dumb brutes, bopping around flexing their muscles. No he is that practical middle, skilled at watching, emulating, and physically doing a task. Show him something once and he'll have it down within one or two attempts of his own, although he may ignore your lesson if he thinks it's stupid.

And there's the thing about Birsalen, he's all about the challenge, defying expectation, taunting, waving the bright red cloth in front of the bull, and backing it up by dressing in complete crimson himself for good measure. He revels in the contest, the defiance, and often, even when he's punished by the authorities, he walks off with a smirk on his face. Because you can be sure he struck a few blows with that sharp tongue too.

These Istan's…well he thinks they think very highly of themselves. They give themselves a few airs, which is hilarious because dudes, you're no better than anyone else. He loves tweaking the Istan's in their little protectorate pride, rile them up. The fact of the matter is that the Istans got the short end of the stick…he doesn't know much about the First Fall, he wasn't there, but he's heard the story. Fact of the matter is though…that they called for help, and here the help is…but getting sassy and trying to make him inferior because he came with his sister to aid them, or to make him lesser just cause he was born North? Well…honey…you've got another thing coming…

Most of the time he's a pretty good gauge on who to taunt, on how far to push things. But sometimes things can blow up spiral out of control. And then he takes his ouches and deals with them like a man. He's no baby, for all he likes other men, he's a damn man too. Say differently and he's going to boot you in the crotch.

He particularly loves when boys are Searched for the Weyr from Holds, knowing their more conservative values, and views on the hedonism of Weyrs. Few holds approve of young men as blatant and open about their sexuality as Birsalen, and he loves opening the new kids eyes, hopefully horrifying them in the process. It's just…so much fun!

But that's Birsalen, eternally optimistic, bouncing, full of energy, but more than willing to cheerfully insult everything you stand for and then gleefully face you down when you take offence.



Birthplace: High Reaches Hold, 8.434.4.4

Birsalen was born to the younger son of the High Reaches Hold steward and the daughter of a wealthy Trader, but grew up with all the other lads of the hold. He was nothing really special, and he was perfectly content to run and play with the other children, learn the teaching songs when he had to, and run outside to do chores when he must. They were happy turns, and ones he still remembers fondly.

Around his 13th year however, he reached puberty, and pretty quickly realised that while the other boys were panting after the pretty girls, with their blond curls, he would much rather watch his fellow men working around the hold. He didn't spread it around, but nor did he hide such fancies, something that troubled the more conservative Holder folk. So when a High Reaches rider came down to the Hold in Search, Birsalen was quietly pointed out to him, of being 'that persuasion' and the rider chose him in Search. He also chose Birsalen's sister, and the pair of them left for the Weyr, not looking back.

Turns passed, and while his sister Impressed quickly, Birsalen did not. Weyr life however, agreed with him. Here there were no strange looks for eyeing the riders as they bathed their dragons, no snide asides. But there were still people who thought over highly of themselves, and so Birsalen set apart making a name for himself…a bit of a larrikin, a torublemaker and a rogue. People were fond of him…but they also despaired of him too.

So when his sister volunteered to go to Ista, lured by the warmth and the idea of a challenge, she was (quietly) nudged to take her wild, roguish little brother. She complied, content to take her family along. And Birsalen too was unfazed. Ista was warmer…it meant more shirtless men…and besides…who could resist a challenge like a decimated Ista Weyr.

Not Birsalen.




Birsen: Grandfather, former Steward of High Reaches Hold, now advisor.
Birsord: Father, Steward deputy
Salevi: Mother, former trader, now a holder lady.
Unknown: Sister, rider of an Unnamed dragon, now stationed at Ista.


S'rindal, rider of Blue Simodoth. Alright dude, doesn't take him too seriously. He digs that.

B'salen's Dragon: Green Pykrioth

Name: Pykrioth
Colour: Green
Age: 0
Weyr Of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: DreamChasers


Pykrioth is one of those lovely naturally athletic dragons that come along every so often. She’s built on slim, but still feminine lines, not exactly elegant but undeniably graceful. She’s of an average size for a green but she makes up for her less-than-commanding size by being a larger than life personality and always on the move. She’ll never be one to know how to use her looks to get her way, at least not sensually, but she does have her own kind of charm, and a killer pair of big, sad puppy dog eyes, that can convince almost everyone to do what it is she wants from them. Her hide is like camouflage material, with all the different shades of green within it including pastel and lime green.


There are some dragons who are driven to achieve. Pykrioth is one of these.

It’s not just ambition, although Pykrioth has that in spades, it’s also the competitive edge and a need to be constantly doing something rather than just chilling out and relaxing. Pykrioth always wants to be the best, to excel and to be on top, and she will drive herself into the ground to achieve it, unless her rider formulates some strict ground rules early on. Even so, you can be sure that this proactive and determined little dragon will start looking for ways around the rules as well as exploiting any exceptions her rider allows through. It’s not that she’s a bad dragon, in fact she’s very good, she just figures rules are hindrances trying to stop her being awesome. She will also be a dragon that will need less sleep than others, even as a young dragon, although at that stage her ‘less’ will still be far more than the average adult. Her rider can be sure of being woken up bright and early by an insistent little green in their head, and then be go go go for as long as she is awake.

All that dedication will pay off however, as Pykrioth moves through weyrlinghood and then through the wings. She’ll always be a standout performer, using her speed, natural agility and precision to be an almost perfect aerial combatant. She will never stop working hard though, from day 1 until the day she disappears between forever, you can be sure that Pykrioth will keep up her excersises and studies. It’s one thing to become the best after all….and another to stay there. She has no intention of ever getting sloppy.

In another dragon this almost obsessive need to be doing, and achieving might alienate them from the others socially. Not Pykrioth. If she is obsessive about her studies and being the most awesome threadfighter then she is as equally obsessive about being /liked/. Her need to be popular is like her need to be the best, it drives her. It’s another case in which her rider will need to be the one to put the brakes on, to ground her and remind her that being the best isn’t everything. She can be so focused on her goals that she can miss signals, and hurt people, but once she realises what has happened she will go out of her way to make it up to them. It won’t be easy for Pykrioth to admit to making mistakes, or to apologise, but eventually you can be sure that she will grudgingly do so. She takes loss hard, either losing to someone, or losing someone. And she will need the support of friends and loved ones to help her get through it.

Fortunately for Pykrioth she is quite a charming dragon, with plenty of bubbly energy and friendly enthusiasm, and you can be sure that if you’re her friend she will go out of her way to help you out and stand between you and danger. Of course when it comes to male dragons, Pykrioth isn’t exactly the smoothest. She’s all confidence and grace the rest of the time, but put a handsome male that she’s interested in in front of her and Pykrioth will go quiet, shy and almost nonsensical. She’ll have a thing for the bigger muscled dragons, a part of her longs for a big strong, gorgeous male to show off to all her green friends. After all she likes to be and have the best. But this will always war with her desire for affection and to be treasured. A part of her hates that her focus on her awesomeness can be so quickly derailed by thoughts of a /male/ but in the end she will love nothing better than curling up with another girl dragon, and talking about guys.

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