Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexual preference:


B'relli isn't really the sort you'd imagine as a dragonrider at all. He's young for a start, and will likely always look significantly younger than his turns actually suggest he should. He's not rugged, or sculpted, and he's still, even after Weyrlinghood, a little soft around the edges. Couple that with his self effacing attitude it's a wonder anyone even notices him at all.

He's reasonably smart, good at memorising things and remembering them, as long as he isn't under pressure. The instant pressure is applied he completely loses his head. He hates that he does, that he has such a negative /green/ trait, and he tries so hard to talk himself into doing better, but he can't help himself. Intense, high pressure moments and B'relli will crack, and maybe even panic.

He's shy around people he fancies, but the rest of the time he's quite forthright, as long as they address him first. This greenrider is painfully honest, and even if he does lie, you can be sure he will be there a short while later to confess it and tell the truth. He's also naive, trusting, believing that people will do the best thing by others, despite what all evidence, even personal experience says to the contrary.

Coming from a tiny hold and a close knit community, B'relli still feels very lost at the Weyr, but has had to get used to attention, often negative, after Impressing his loud and proud green. Her flamboyant attitude and constant determination to get into trouble has left him with quite a dry sense of humour. Sarcasm has become increasingly prevalent and he feels very long suffering.

If B'relli is good at anything, and takes pride in anything it's that he has a gift for telling a story and also poetry. He writes rather lovely poems that if discovered by the harpers could well be adapted into songs. But he's far too shy to share something so deeply personal…although Beaspyth really isn't and may take matters into her own claws!

B'relli's Dragon: Green Beaspyth

Dragon name: Beaspyth
Colour: Green
Age: 2
Weyrling Class: HurricaneHeroes


If you thought her egg was bright, wait until you see Beaspyth. She practically smacks you in the face with colour, her hide a bright, lime green shade that is almost garish next to some of her more muted siblings. She’s almost fluro in her eye-catching glory, drawing attention wherever she goes with sheer searing colour. To make her even more noticeable she has spots, patches of green so dark it’s almost black, splotched here and there across her hide. They are large areas, but there aren’t many of them, and there is no blurring between. These colours are separate and bold lines are maintained.

Other than the colour Beaspyth is no great beauty. She’s rather average really, a little small in size and with her body all proportioned. She’s not really muscled, tending to be more fleshed out. She’s a healthy young green, not overly strong, but she’s got some meat on her still. She’s not about to blow over, that’s for sure.


As if her hide wasn’t attention grabbing enough, Beaspyth is hopelessly addicted to the dramatics. Every misfortune is a grand drama, every success warrants a huge celebration, every altercation an epic battle between good and evil. She’s a very expressive dragon, making sure everyone in the vicinity is aware of the tale being played out before their eyes. Her clutchmates and then her wingmates are her fellow cast, the Weyr is her stage and really once Beaspyth gets going, stopping her becomes increasingly difficult.

For all her dramatisising however, this little green has plenty of pluck. She’s a big damn hero thank you very much and if anyone tries to throw their bullying weight around, or look down at someone, she is going to charge right in and defend the hapless sod with all her gusto. The same goes with threadfighting, she is an extremely talented flier, and is absolutely dedicated to the cause. She will probably drive her rider mad with her insistence on safety, strap maintenance and equipment checking. No way is she letting her celebrated career end because of faulty equipment. I mean…that is just embarrassing…am I right?

When on her own, Beaspyth imagines her future battles, sometimes even re-enacting them, without taking off of course. They are epic contests, good conquers, evil is vanquished, and she reigns supreme. These little encounters are probably vastly entertaining to her fellows, and worth watching.

However Beaspyth’s dedication to threadfighting ends at…well…threadfighting. Drills she will be lacklustre at, and won’t put effort in at all. Classes during Weyrlinghood…she’d much rather sleep now…wake her up when the fun stuff starts will you? Beaspyth is the poster child for the dragon who does what she wants, when she wants to. Otherwise…well…good luck trying to get her to work properly. She’ll just be up on the Rim, or on the beach…snoozing.

And if all that wasn’t enough Beaspyth tops off her high maintenance sundae with a healthy dollop of sass. She’ll answer back, bicker, tease, retort…you name it and she’ll do it, just to be difficult. Her rider will be hard pressed restraining her habit of mimicking instructors or superiors when giving instructions. She’ll imitate their stance, their gestures, and generally be rather rude. When she mocks, she is snarky, imitating sanctimonious classmates with superb mimicry. She’ll get their inflections, their gestures down, a perfect imitation. If only she would put as much effort into working!

In all, Beaspyth’s rider will be hard pressed to keep a tight rein on this feisty…and dramatic little green.

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