Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Basic Information

B'qua is one of those men of action, someone who likes to charge into the fray before he stops to think about the sensibility of such behaviour. He's always been a larger man, strong, and has always asserted himself by using that to his best advantage. It means he's not so great with using his words, and is much more likely to express himself physically, be it with a crushing bear hug, punch across the jaw or thunking his head against a flat surface.

He's free with his emotions as well as his opinions, and is free with his big cheerful grins and goofing around as well as his disappointments and anger. Fortunately for everyone he's generally a positive person, especially in his downtime away from Wing drills. He's certainly the kind of guy you want drinking with you on a night out, and he's the kind of guy who will wrap his arm around your shoulders and back you up whenever you need it.

Yes this bluerider is the ultimate in bromance.

This part of his nature also manifests in an inability to keep his mouth shut when he has an opinion, especially about people in charge. He really wouldn't mind the title of being in charge, after all who would mind that right? , but he sure as eggs doesn't want that kind of responsibility, not for all those lives…still he does love to comment on other people leading a great deal.

He respects leaders who only give orders to their subordinates that they would do themselves, at least in his opinion, and he has a real problem with arbitrary leaders who tell him to jump and give no good reason as to why he should be jumping. He's not going to jump just because you want him to, he wants a good, solid, thought out reason why. And he's going to fight you every step of the way if you try to slam down on that kind of behaviour.

Recent History

Needless to say that when Ista sent out their distress call for riders, Igen quickly put B'qua forward, even as they felt guilty saddling their sister Weyr with him. B'qua was a little put out to be sent away from his home…and this displeasure has made him even more censorious of Ista's Leadership.

B'qua's Dragon: Blue Poltath

Dragon Name: Poltath
Colour: Blue
Age: 13
Weyr of origin: Igen Weyr


Poltath isn't what you would call a striking dragon but there is a kind of elegance to him that is appealing. He's long in body, limb and wing, graceful, although he does seem a little bony when compared to other blues around and about. It's not malnutrition, although he does eat very little for a dragon, and does rather pick at his carcasses rather pedantically, he just seems to be naturally very thin.


This blue is definitely the more responsible one in the partnership, and he often feels incredibly exasperated by his bull headed riders' insistence on being stubborn and loud about it. He often feels the need to interject when B'qua is being particularly mullish, which annoys his rider, but frankly someone has to save his stuffing-headed rider from himself. This means he has little compunction about addressing humans other than his rider. In fact he's grown to quite enjoy it.

For all he's a smart blue, Poltath lacks the ability to act in the now, which is probably the reason he chose B'qua as his rider. He's always worrying about things to come, or things that have been, it stresses him out, and so it is up to B'qua to keep him focused on the present and not thinking about all the possible bad things that could be unfolding.

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