Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Bunurlos, like his father, is a pretty big guy and always has been. Now that he’s grown, he’s actually a little taller than B’ziah, and equally broad and solid, with a muscular build and posture and mannerisms that can very easily transition into aggressive (sometimes whether he intends it or not). He also shares most of his facial features with his father: smallish, deep-set eyes, thick, level brows, and a strong jaw. His nose is broader, however, his eyes are greyish-blue, and his hair is a lighter brown — and a bit curly, if he ever let it grow out. And he would, if for no reason other than to differentiate himself from B’ziah, if he didn’t hate the way it curls even more than he hates looking like dad.


Bunurlos and B’ziah know each other, but that’s the extent of it — their relationship is not one of parent and child, more one of vaguely-recognized “cousins” of some sort. And that would be just fine… except that people can’t stop comparing him to his father, and it drives Bunurlos crazy. The resemblance between them is strong enough to make the relation obvious, and it doesn’t help that the appearance they share leads people to assume certain things about them both — things which, while mostly correct in B’ziah’s case, aren’t necessarily as accurate in regard to Bunurlos. He was the sort of boy whom people praised for his size and strength when they praised him at all, whom the aunties called “strapping” and whom the uncles punched affectionately in the arm when he was doing something good. No one expected him to be smart, no one encouraged him to be smart, and really, why should he have expected to be? Being bigger than most of your peers does encourage a certain sort of physicality in and of itself. He could get his way more easily with force than with words, prove his worth more easily by winning games and fights than by remembering facts or writing well or learning his multiplication tables.

And his father was a swaggering bully with a temper, after all. No one was really surprised when the son who resembled him headed in the same direction.

Bunurlos, however, a very hands-on learner — partially because of the way his brain is wired, and partially because, thanks to the circumstances of his childhood, he became convinced early on that abstract concepts and book-learning were difficult, and boring, and that he was no good at them. In contrast, things he can touch and fiddle with — tools and crafts and widgets and whatsits — come naturally to him, and he doesn’t really make the connection that this, too, is a type of intelligence. Pfft, no, it’s just fixin’ stuff, anybody can do it, right? Needless to say, he doesn’t really consider the fact that he might have made a fine crafter, had he chosen to focus on that. His time spent in his “candidate craft” is nothing more than busywork to him, just like chores (albeit busywork that he sometimes honestly enjoys). It’s just biding his time until he gets his dragon. He has never considered any other way of life for himself — he’s weyrborn, it’s the Pass, and Ista needs him. He needs Ista.

Ista is, after all, his extended family. He’s proud to be a part of it, just as he’s proud to be a part of his blood-family (even if it’s not always clear how he’s related to some of these people, really, the Weyr being what it is). He just wants to be recognized as an individual, as B’nurlos, not as a younger version of his father. He doesn’t want to be greeted as “oh, B’ziah’s boy!”. He has developed a fierce independent streak because of this, which is sometimes at-odds with his love of family and need to belong. It’s not about doing everything on his own, with no help, it’s more about contributing in his own distinct way. As his candidacy has progressed, and he’s been left Standing, he has grown further into his desire to separate himself from the father he hardly even knows, to become someone not just different, but better. He’s focusing on reading more, even though it’s not always easy or fun, to learn more things, to get smarter. He puts real effort into his hidework, even though sometimes he shows no improvement. He struggles with his temper, with his brutish side, because everyone knows B’ziah is an asshole who’s been pushing people around his whole life, and Bunurlos doesn’t want to be that kind of person. Those who get close enough to him realize that, while sometimes he is that kind of person — physicality does come naturally to him, after all, and he does have trouble with patience and restraint and his temper — he cares a lot more about the effects of his actions than B’ziah ever did. Bunurlos doesn’t enjoy hurting people for no reason, and he’s not selfish enough to just take and feel no remorse. He’s proud. He’s bullheaded and stubborn. It’s hard to apologize when he’s wrong.

But that same stubbornness is sometimes enough to convince him that he should. His quest to be better isn’t something he’s willing to abandon so easily, after all.

Common Knowledge

  • Might punch you in the face, might try to quote poetry at you (and likely fail). It's anyone's guess at this point.
  • Has great buns.
  • He's B'ziah's son and any Istan who has had a B'ziah encounter (spoiler: probably most of them) can probably tell.
  • Hates having this fact pointed out to him.


Birthdate: 433.12.05
Birthplace: Ista Weyr

Bunurlos, like most weyrbrats, never really had much of a personal relationship with his father, but at least (unfortunately, perhaps) he was always aware of who he was. He was fostered by an aunt, after all, and his closest playmates were often his cousins (some of whom were actually probably half-sibs, or distant cousins — it was always a bit fuzzy who belonged to whom beyond “we’re related in some way”), and he was raised amongst family. He liked the sense of belonging to more than just the Weyr — to a smaller group within it (the Ista of his childhood was all Istans, after all, so there was no one else to compare to) — and he still does.

Being compared to B’ziah, however, became a sore point for him. More than most, he resembled his sire and, as he grew up, he became more and more aware of the fact that said sire was a rather notorious member of the community. His family, and sometimes others, constantly commented on how alike they looked, and how alike they were, even though they certainly had their differences. It wasn’t just the comparisons that influenced Bunurlos growing up; it was also his size and appearance in general. People expected him to be physical, and so he was. People expected him to be stupid, and so he came to think of himself as stupid (and while it’s true that he struggled anyway, and he was not the type to enjoy rote learning, really, he learned from the reactions of others that it was okay not to try).

When he became a candidate, it wasn’t something he thought about. Of course he was going to Impress a dragon, of course this was what he was supposed to do. The Weyr needs staff, too — he has many of them in his family — but the Pass was coming up, and he was such a big strong boy. Dragonriding is what he was bred for, right? And it was what he wanted to do. Since the Pass began, he has been even more resolved to Impress and do Ista proud. It’s not about the glory of victory anymore — more about helping to carry his crippled Weyr, to raise them from the ashes, and to make a name doing it as himself. Istans have to be better, he has to be better, so that he can not only answer Ista’s call when it needs him, but also show everyone that he’s not his father, that Bunurlos is a distinct individual. He’s even gone so far as to try to start working on things he isn’t so good at, trying to improve himself by reading more and asking questions and trying to control his temper. He’s not perfect… but he’s trying.



Father: B'ziah, rider of blue Inigith
Mother: TBD

Cousins (of varying degrees):
B'fadi, rider of blue Olaboth
J'nahvi, weyrling to brown Ardolanth
Many others


Dragon Name: Galzrath
Color: Green
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class:


Galzrath is a very pretty little green, pert and perky, with delicate bone structure and large, almost oversized wings. She’s slightly smaller than the average green, but looks even smaller again because of her build. She uses this to her advantage, both in threadfighting and in getting her way. Her hide is a pale green in colour, with a subtle shimmery effect. This is achieved by millions of tiny, slightly lighter specks all over her hide, which have a more metallic sheen to them. This gives off the shimmery effect like sunlight on a forest glade lake (that’s how she describes it), and she’s rather proud of it. Beauty is useful after all.


Small Galzrath may be, but never doubt that this little green is a force of nature.

Determined and stubborn, Galzrath is a dragon to be reckoned with from the moment she achieves consciousness in her egg. As a baby she will be prone to more childish forms of getting her way, either by taking things from someone else or by determinedly insisting that this is the way it should be and not backing down. She doesn’t take no for an answer; no is someone deliberately hindering her, or trying to get what she wants for themselves. Rules are for other people, and the only reason browns and bronzes get bigger wallows is because they’re trying to push ahead in the pecking order. She will dig her heels in and have to be dragged by inches to something, once she’s made up her mind that something is a particular way…even if it’s blatantly false.

Shyer and more retiring dragons will likely find themselves pushed around by Galzrath. She will demand they give her that meat chunk their rider just cut, or the animal they killed, because that was the best one there, and they knew she wanted it. She’s just taking back what was practically hers already. Often she will wear people down by sheer perseverance and stubbornness, and then be pleased to have gotten her way. As she grows older she’ll come to appreciate the idea of pressure points and pushing buttons to get her way. Rixath used to be tubby right? Well he wouldn’t want to eat that fat buck then would he? Who’d want to go back to being a lardbelly? She’ll do it to her rider too, pushing those pressure points to get what she wants.

She may be able to dish it out, but no way can Galzrath take it. She’ll answer back someone angry with temper of her own. But someone being hurt, crying, ignoring her, being disappointed in her, oh she can’t stand that. It’s especially bad when she hurts Bunurlos. She just wants him to get everything that is his, that’s their, due. They deserve so much, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes for them to get everything they want and desire. Even things they don’t know they want or desire yet. And someone insulting her back, oh she’ll be all fire and hiss and spit at them. But later she’ll come to Bunurlos with all the sad feelings, and wobbling lip and quavering voice. Perhaps some of her demanding forcefulness is rooted in insecurity, the fear that if she doesn’t fight tooth and nail that she and Bunurlos will have nothing. She’d never admit to such a thing of course.

Her driven nature can be a positive too of course; she’s going to be a whiz at threadfighting. She’s a real speed demon, thrilling in the feeling of travelling at speed, at turning with pinpoint precision. She’s also going to be excellent at dragging lazier wingmates into being better, forcing them to work harder. She’s got a brash kind of humour, a tendency towards muttering crude or dirty asides at her rider just because she wants to make him flush at inopportune moments. If he doesn’t flush…well that’s a challenge. And she loves those

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