Name: B'les
Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


B'les is a large and robust man. Broad of shoulder and broader of stomach he is an undeniable presence in any room even before he opens his mouth. His brown hair is greying with age and slightly wavy, though not half as wild as the enormous beard he boasts. He has deep laughter lines at the corners of his brown eyes, and his face is always hugely expressive.

He'd be difficult to ignore even if he was a quiet man - as it is he's very, very LOUD, and has an uncanny knack of seeming to fill any room he happens to be in. He also gesticulates a lot while talking, often regardless of who might be in the way or if he has something in his hands.


Did somebody order a Large Ham?

B'les, even in his fifties, is massively over-the-top and larger than life. He doesn't have much of a volume control (there are two settings, Loud and LOUDER) so most of the time people hear his booming voice long before they actually see the man himself. If B'les is doing something he does it in a Big way - friendships are noisy and boisterous, drinking sessions involve vast quantities of beer, love affairs are wild and fiery, and arguments are full of a lot of shouting and fist waving. His opinions on people are never middle of the road, either - he either really likes you, or he absolutely hates you. Thankfully it's not all that hard to tell the difference.

People he likes will always be greeted enthusiastically. Waved greetings that can be seen (and heard) half a room away, massive bear hugs and friendly claps to the shoulder that are usually delivered with enough force to send smaller people stumbling. Women will likewise be 'treated' to massive embraces, big kisses and the occasional 'goosing'. He'll always be on hand as a drinking buddy, a shoulder to cry on (although the sympathetic advice he offers is either best not followed or just stating the obvious), and as backup for even the most ridiculous of plans. He's a massive womaniser, although he tends to remain faithful to his woman of the hour for as long as she'll put up with him.

If he *doesn't* like you on the other hand he'll be, at best, utterly dismissive. At worst he'll probably be threatening to kill you on a regular basis, and in various painful ways (again, thankfully, not something he's actually likely to follow through on - he may bluster a lot, but he's not actually a violent man). He's quite prone to bellowing "KILL HIM!" to his dragon, an instruction which Vultath always blithely ignores. He usually defaults to 'dislike' for people he's only just met - his deep suspicion of people he doesn't know is about his only defence mechanism against being exploited, as his huge heart and overblown manner can make him incredibly gullible around the people he's friendly with.

If B'les has an off switch no one has yet found it. He seems to be on the go, giving life 200%, from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the moment he goes to bed at night. For the most part he's an exhausting man to be around for any great period of time, and many people breath a small sigh of relief when he blusters his way on to his next activity and out of their hair. Due in no small part to his own loudness he frequently manages to miss bits of conversation, and it's not unknown for Vultath to have to fill him in. B'les never did get the hang of talking to his dragon in his head (largely because he usually speaks before he thinks), so these small asides, unheard by the rest of the world, are often met with a "WHAT? WELL WHY DIDN'T HE SAY SO?". It's perhaps as well for the eardrums of the Weyr that he enjoys rock-climbing and will occasionally take himself off for a day to go and climb some obscure rock-face or another.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr
Birth Day: 9th day of the 10th month

B'les was born Belessed to two crafters living at Ista Weyr. His father Beloran, one of the Weyr smiths, was himself a robust man, who spoke with a loud voice to carry over the din of the forge. His mother was a much quieter lady, a tailor by craft, who had effectively left everything to marry her smith. While she did work around the lower caverns, largely making and repairing clothes, Lesella retained a very-much hold mentality and insisted on having her children at home with her. Consequently while Belessed did spend a good part of his day in the creche with the others he wasn't actually raised there.

From the moment he came into the world Belessed had a good pair of lungs on him - his father's, it was often said - and it became rapidly apparent that he didn't come with any sort of volume control either. It was probably just as well that he was both their first-born and not raised in the creche, or it's almost certain he'd have kept a large number of people awake at night. As it was, only Beloran and Lesella had to suffer through his bawling at night. He was a happy, rambunctious boy - though biddable enough - who never seemed to be able to sit still and was often quite tiring for those that had to watch him during the day. It's perhaps not surprising that he was sent to the forge to start helping his father as soon as they trusted him enough to be around hot metal and hammers.

Perhaps more surprising was that he turned out to be rather useful around the forge. He was a big, strong boy and the exercise involved with working the bellows did seem to calm him down somewhat. Everyone expected that he'd Apprentice under his father when he was old enough, but when he turned 12 Beloran said a flat, firm, No. He didn't want the life of a smith for his son. It was hard, rough, dirty work, and even by that point Beloran was developing a rather worrying cough. They lived in a Weyr, Beloran wanted his son to ride a dragon. So Belessed became a Candidate, albeit one that still helped out at the forge when he wasn't being actively required to do something else.

It would take four turns of waiting (and of his parents worrying that perhaps his lack of rider blood would mean he'd never Impress) before Vultath would crack his shell. It's anyone's guess why the quiet, slightly reserved bronze chose the undoubtedly noisy 16 turn old Belessed, but choose him he did. The bond of Impression was made, and he walked off the sands as B'les. The initial days and weeks after his Impression were quite a trial for the WeyrlingMasters; Vultath didn't, apparently, care to speak to anyone else and B'les seemed completely unable to grasp the idea of speaking to his dragon with his mind. It was something his instructors eventually gave up on, as there were far more important things that they had to teach their young charges.

Where the pair shone, in the end, turned out to be in drills. The young Vultath was not the most communicative of dragons, but he seemed to have an excellent ability to notice the tiniest of details and relay them to his rider. B'les, in turn, had a voice that could be heard a great distance away, even in the worst of weather. When practising in their small 'wings' as Weyrlings B'les always managed to make his behave as a cohesive unit - partly through sheer force of personality (he was good at both encouragement and at being big and scary when the need arose), and partly through simply being loud. As unlikely a pair as many thought they made B'les and Vultath really did work very, very well together - and when they graduated it was with distinction.

While B'les liked everyone, and while most people generally liked him, he made few true friends among his peers as very few could actually cope with his boundless energy. It took, perhaps, a little longer than it should have done for the talents he and Vultath had to be put to good use - he was a little over 30 when a friend of his became Weyrleader, and he found himself promoted to Wingsecond. He did remarkably well in the position for some turns, before the shifting makeup of the Weyrleadership resulted in him working with a man he really didn't get on with. Back down to 'the ranks' B'les went, and that's been the story of his life every since. Men that can cope with him promote him, those that can't rapidly demote him again.

Beloran never did see his son achieve rank, though. The cough he'd developed when B'les was young never did get better - indeed it steadily worsened until it claimed his life when B'les was in his 20's. Lesella was proud of her eldest, though (and he did so remind her of her beloved husband), and would always congratulate or commiserate as his fortunes rose and fell. B'les was very fond of her, and when she died of old age 3 turns before the pass began he mourned her deeply.

T'rian was never the sort of man that B'les had got on particularly well with, and when the First Fall came he was serving as a wingrider. That Fall was a shock, especially as B'les was no longer really a young man, and he and Vultath took a scoring. It wasn't a serious one, unlike so many of the other's that day, but it did shake him up as bit. As did the deaths of so many people he'd known and loved over the years. He spent several weeks in the infirmary, driving the healers to distraction with his rather noisy form of grief. Things have improved somewhat since he's been released to fly again (B'les always was a man for whom activity is the best outlet), although he still has bouts of noisy blubbing after a 'Fall if someone is killed.



Father: Beloran, smith, deceased
Mother: Lesella, tailor, deceased

Cousin: Nareyn, green Valduinth
Siblings: Possibly several
Children: Baxes (10), probably many more

B'les' Dragon: Bronze Vultath

Name: Vultath
Colour: Bronze
Age: 36
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Clutch: 8.414.6.20
Wing: Stormriders


In ancient times on earth men used to make bronze statues of idealised heroes, and Vultath would look very familiar to those ancient craftsmen. When sitting still for any period (and sitting still is something Vultath does rather a lot of) he looks rather like a statue himself. Every limb, every line, is in perfect proportion. His muscles are sculpted, his features chiselled, and for the most part his hide is smooth and unblemished. The only blemish, in fact, is rather recent - a small tracery of thread-scar high on his left shoulder.

His colour, too, very much resembles that of a bronze statue. For the most part it's a deep, burnished bronze colour, still with a healthy sheen as of just-polished armour. Where there are contours and creases in his body this bronze deepens to an almost brown, sharpening the look of his sculpted muscles. And in just a few places, such as his headknobs and eye ridges, his colour lightens and brightens until it could almost be called gold.

All in all he's an extremely handsome specimen, and he knows it. Vultath is really quite fussy about being kept clean.


They say opposites attract, and that clearly must have been the case with Vultath and B'les. Where B'les is loud and outgoing Vultath is a very quiet and reserved dragon. He doesn't speak very much even among his own kind, and he certainly never speaks directly to a human other than His. Likewise where B'les is a veritable powerhouse of energy Vultath is mostly content to sit and observe.

He *likes* observing - knowledge, after all, is the key to control. And realistically Vultath is a little bit of a control freak. Not in the overt sense, he doesn't spend every moment of his day telling others what to do, but on a much more minute level. Understanding his environment, being able to predict what is going to happen, is vital to him. The control he likes is that of knowing what is going to happen. Vultath finds Fall to be quite a stressful experience simply because of it's unpredictability. It is, perhaps, one of the reasons he's proven quite such a capable dragon in a leadership role - he's quite convinced that if everyone knows exactly what they should be doing at all times, and sticks to that, then there should not be so much unpredictability. It's in a leadership role that he's at his most vocal - although normally it's because he's telling someone off for not doing what he expected them to be doing.

Mostly, of course, he just observes the minute details of everything going on. Which is just as well, as B'les has never been a great man for details.

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