Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 36
Gender: Male

Basic Information

Maybe B’fadi, short and sharp-featured, a bit of a scrawny nerd as a child, always felt like he had to compensate for something, but his elitist attitude towards the Outsiders is nothing new. Even before the Outsiders came, he tended to be rather full of himself, and was never shy about expressing his opinion that Ista didn’t need to Search out farmer and fisher brats to ride dragons when everyone knew the best riders were bred from the best riders and resided right there in the Weyr already. For all his talk about Istan solidarity and brotherhood, he considers himself rather more cultured than most of his fellow riders, and tends to put on airs even to his wingmates and family. He reads a lot and knows a few things about a lot of subjects, but a lot of things about nothing, and he’s one of those people who will volunteer his knowledge as if he’s the final authority on any subject. Sometimes, though, even that little bit of knowledge helps! He’s notable about Ista for performing exceptionally well in the Spring Games turn after turn before Thread came — not that he would ever let anyone forget it — though most of his friends and family are nice enough not to point out that everyone knows his success is due more to his blue Olaboth’s abundant talent rather than any particular skill of B’fadi’s. Olaboth himself would never claim the glory, after all. He’s an exceptionally humble dragon who only wants to perform well because it makes his B’fadi so happy and proud. B’fadi seems unwilling to acknowledge the fact that he’d have probably had the arrogance beaten out of him long ago if not for the protection of his cousin B'ziah, and despite his rather dim view of holdbred riders he has developed a grudging respect for Rayale due to her skill, and the feeling appears to be mutual.

Dragon: Blue Olaboth

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