Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Determinedly Heterosexual


Everything might have been different if Ashabel had not been born a beauty. Perhaps unfortunately however, she was. She has the colouring of her southern bloodline; olive skin somehow mostly still unblemished; long, thick dark hair, and large doe like, almond shaped, hazel green eyes. Combine this with long limbs, fit physique and haughty, almost regal bearing and the confidence that comes from knowing you are lovelier than almost any other woman in the room, and you get Ashabel, daughter of the wealthy Holder of Bent Ridge Hold.

That’s not to say she is flawless, for no matter how much time and effort she spends on her appearance there will always be things she cannot fix. Her lips are not as full as she would like, and her mouth has a propensity to look rather sulky. Also her natural smile is rather more of a goofy grin, which sometimes still makes an appearance when she’s taken by surprise, rather than the practiced little lady’s smile she’s cultivated. She also prefers to eye people from her head cocked slightly to the side, simply because she’s noticed in the looking mirrors that she appears a little crosseyed when faced directly face on.

She does everything she can to fix these flaws however, determined that no one will ever judge her, or consider her to be less than perfect.


Everyone knows the stereotype of the spoiled Holder’s Daughter and Ashabel fits that niche perfectly.

Haughty, proud and arrogant, Ashabel is very proud of her esteemed bloodline. She is the Daughter of Holders, not just your average piddly farmers, no she is /nobility/. Her parents never had the heart to tell her no, and so she grew up having everything she could ever want, everything she could ever desire. This means that she’s very spoiled, not used to being denied anything. She will do anything to get her way, threaten, scream, cry, plead…she will even use her beauty and sexual appeal with men. She never gives them anything of course, never promises them anything concrete…but she has mastered the sidelong look under lashes, the lingering touch of a hand, the secret smile, and the warm bedroom eyes. She would never actually sleep with them, she’s a Holder’s daughter, her duty is to marry a highborn heir and bear his children, and so is meant to remain chaste until then, but she knows how to string them along to her tune, and in the end get exactly what she wanted.

There is an element of coldness to Ashabel for all her mercurial behaviours. She may throw herself into a passionate fit of fury if crossed, but underneath it there is an icy thread of cunning. She wants to be on top, to be beautiful and admired and coveted, she wants to be the undisputed pearl of everyone’s world. She wants everyone to love her, and she will do anything to ensure that she receives the very best. If you cross her then you well may find yourself crushed under her delicate little shoe, so sweetly that you have no idea how you got there. No one is going to stand in her way.

No one at all.


Birthplace: Bent Ridge Hold, Nerat, 8.433.12.21

Ashabel was born the 5th child of the Holders of the Minor but wealthy Bent Ridge Hold in Nerat. From early on Ashabel received something like preferential treatment from her nurses and parents. She was just so beautiful and adorable, they just wanted to spoil her rotten. And that is exactly what they did. Her father was hard on his sons, the eldest two of the brood, knowing they would be the ones to take over the Hold on his demise. His three daughters he doted on, and since Ashabel was the baby of the family, she was especially coddled.

She was six when the twins were born, the last two of the Holder's brood, and definitely didn't like giving up her place as the youngest and most beloved. Fortunately her little brother and sister kept to themselves and Ashabel carried on her merry way, wrapping everyone she could around her delicate little fingers.

When puberty hit she expected her parents to make her a match soon, but they held off on making any contracts for her, believing that such a lovely little girl should only make the very best of matches, and unknowingly inflating the girl’s ego even further.

Bored she charmed her way into the hearts of the local lads, enjoying the challenge of it, but soon enough even that became tiresome, even after she pitted them against one another.

It was a blessing when the dragon came to Nerat on Search, and not just for any old Clutch, but a Gold egg. The blue signalled that she had potential and instantly Ashabel demanded her parents let her go. After all this was clearly her destiny. She wouldn’t be merely some Holder’s daughter, or Holder’s wife after all! She was to be a Goldrider, maybe even Weyrwoman.

Her parents reluctantly agreed and so Ashabel packed up her things and set off to the Weyr to meet her grand destiny!




Father: Holder Ashard
Mother: Holder Belsolda

Ashold, Heir to Bent Ridge Hold
Belshar, Bent Ridge Hold
Asolda, Bent Ridge Hold
Beshada, Bent Ridge Hold
Ashada, Bent Ridge Hold
Belard, Bent Ridge Hold


Caulan, Rider of Gold Miaranth, Best Frenemy ever.
Tylo, Candidate, Sidekick of fabulous
Sherikal, Candidate, Nice guy.


Safrim, Rider of Blue Zalqueth,…..warming to her slowly

Men Caught In Her Web (or she wishes they were)

R'thriel, Rider of Bronze Gavilth, potential
H'jorek, Rider of Bronze Bacayath, potential…maybe.

Ashabel's Dragon: Green Hasheth

Dragon Name: Hasheth
Colour: Green
Age: <1
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: SunRunners
Wing: N/A


Next to the bold patterns and bright colours of her siblings, one might be forgiven for overlooking Hasheth who has neither of these. Her hide at first glance is a dark, dark green, almost black and seemingly uniform across her entire hide. That is until she moves, or a stray shard of light hits her a certain way. Then she gleams, the part illuminated by the light revealing itself to be almost iridescently green, subtle but very beautiful in its own way, and visible only now and then. Most probably won’t ever even notice these flashes of beauty, leaving Hasheth to be largely ignored.

Considering that this green is one of the larger ones of her colour in this class it is even more remarkable that she is so often overlooked. She’s beautifully in proportion and slender rather than thin, with elegant, trailing wings. She’s also very graceful, even as a baby, seeming to glide silently rather than fumble about like her siblings. In all, those who actually pay attention to her will actually realise what a beauty they have hidden right under their very noses.


Hasheth is the quiet achiever of her class of young dragons. She’s the little dragon who is up there with the top of her class, but always seems to be forgotten as larger, brighter and more flamboyant dragons take the limelight. She’s by far one of the brightest in the class, one of the best fliers, and one of the nicest natured, but she has a habit of stepping aside and letting others take her spotlight. She’s always there though, in the background, supportive, quiet, and she seems to be aware of everything that happens around her.

People seem to come to Hasheth for things, be it help, or advice, Hasheth is the ultimate guidance counselor. Male dragons ask her for advice on lady dragons because they see her as a friend, female dragons ask for advice about the male ones they fancy, because she’s not a threat, her wingleader will probably consult with her too it they are sensible because Hasheth has one of those perfect memories. She will have in her mind a perfect crystalised memory of every mistake anyone made in fall, every nuance of a scene, every word spoken and everyone’s thoughts about things, because people tell her things…or they talk about things while she’s there.

When it comes to her own personal life Hasheth is far from perfect. She gives great advice, when the dragon concerned isn’t her, and when it is her, and her life…well…she always feels like she’s going to muck it up. Her biggest fear is one day putting herself out there…and no one wanting her. There’s a bit of the romantic to Hasheth even if she’s too shy to admit it.

She will be a collector too, of beautiful things, or rather things she finds beautiful. And the first item is a fragment of her shell. She isn’t a dragon of temper, or unpredictability, but if someone were to mess with her beloved collection, or with one of her friends, well…Hasheth’s rage is that quiet rage. Where she is completely calm but you just know…you’re in trouble. She doesn’t yell, doesn’t hurt you. She just lets you know how much you hurt her…and leaves you alone, pretending you don’t exist, because for Hasheth…there’s just no other way for her to show it.

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