Character type: Candidate
Rank: None
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Men


Arlena won't strike many as some fragile woman. Being 5 foot-8 inches, with almost broad features, made her seem rather noteworthy even if they're sending everyone a confusing message. They will seem broader than what's seen on many females, but not enough so to come across as masculine. There are, after all, feminine curves that no man would have ever had. Her face alone shows the truth: she is strong-boned. If she possesses any muscles it won't ever stand out more than her other features. A distinct power that's not unfeminine can be seen in her jaw's firmness, high-cheekbones and the strong, unerringly straight nose. Darkening her expression, thick lashes frame the hazel eyes while around her face is a thick, blonde halo. She keeps the strands cut between mid-neck to collarbone with the bottoms curling about in an appearance that seems quite lightweight. There are no bangs just hair on either side hiding her ears as well as her neck.


Her parents treated like some delicate, beautiful flower. Something that was to be treasured and not made to do the rougher jobs men would. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that Arlena took her parents loving spoiling to mean there were jobs females shouldn't do. Other than that she was raised with some standards. She was raised proud about her heritage and, with pride, came someone without fear about her comments. Outspoken she'll follow instincts that were well-honed even before she turned 15 and won't ever waste time second-guessing herself.

You can't afford to waste time if you want to get anywhere in life. And, even if wrong, she's confident enough that she'll take her mistakes in stride like they're just another learning experience. Something that will carry her onward, something she'll treasure in other circumstances and might save her later. They're not things one should despair over.

Now Outsiders are another issue entirely when it comes to despair. She's a proud Istan through and through and to have those Outsiders around messing with how things are … it is horrifying. If they're quiet and stay out of the way she can pretend they're just random faces that she'd otherwise never know among all the people that live at Ista. If they're M'drasen(ish), however, it makes for one of the occasions that she can become spitting mad. The Outsiders need to stay away from Ista's Weyrwoman. She was among those that actually voiced those thoughts, carefully, among those she trusted. She's a proud Istan through and through after all, meaning she knew who she could trust with her words.

Anyone that does know her, knows she doesn't appreciate humor much. Her strength lies more within her clever and resourceful mind … and of course sarcasm.

Common Knowledge


Birthdate: 436.07.23
Birthplace: Ista Weyr

Bluerider K'mal and Enra were together as lovers for about 2 months before Arlena's conception. Enra had just outgrown Candidacy and had the morning sickness drove into wanting to go *Between* and get rid of the child. While K'mal did talk her out of it suggesting that she might regret the decision once the Morning Sickness was gone. But, her mood put an insurmountable strain on their relationship. K'mal couldn't stand that Enra, even if affected by mood swings, would consider getting rid of their child. He stayed until Arlena's birth because he feared what Enra might do if he wasn't around to talk her down.

After Arlena's birth it turned out that K'mal was right about it only being the Morning Sickness that made Enra not want Arlena. Enra, feeling she had to make up for mood swings, went about spoiling her daughter. As did K'mal, K'mal who after leaving Enra, went on to have 3 more daughters that he likewise loved too much to treat as something other than delicate flowers.

Arlena idolized her parents and viewed those half-sisters as full sisters. There was "Sis Kal" and, even after she was older enough to pronounce bigger words, there was "Sis Val" and "Sis Mal". She tried her hardest to become 'best big sis', tried her hardest to set a good lady-like example for them too. They'd have a proud Istan woman as a big sister even if she had to shout it from the Rim that her sisters had done great that day. She went into creche-work so that she wouldn't be leaving her sisters alone in there without an older family member to watch over them. Unfortunately that all fell apart during the first Threadfall of the Turn.

A Threadclump snuck through and caught their father across the back and back of his neck. It took a moment for why there was a stinging, utter pain from back there to register and by then it was too late. K'mal and his blue went *between* forever. Losing one of those she idolized changed Arlena. K'mal only had daughters, he didn't have any son to follow in his footsteps and take over the Dragonriding. She couldn't bear letting that happen. As the oldest it was her responsibility to take over where their father left off, so she joined Candidacy.

If it weren't for M'drasen's reign as Weyrleader she would have so far had an uneventful Candidacy. She certainly spoke against him. When that became something that would get her into trouble she sought out other Istans that were, likewise, disgruntled about the new Weyrleader. Ones that she trusted wouldn't report her. She did have some trouble when someone not that disgruntled overheard part of a remark she made. They weren't close enough to catch more than several disconnected snippets that could have meant almost anything without more context. It was enough to get them to observe her more closely for some time. So the new Weyrleader being an Istan has made her quite happy.



Bluerider K'mal (father, deceased)
Laundryworker Enra (mother)
Greenrider Tiava (step-mother)
Apprentice Dragonhealer Kaliava (13 turn old half-sister)
Weyrbrat Valkava (10 turn old half-sister)
Weyrbrat Maltia (5 turn old half-sister)

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