Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 19
Gender: female
Sexual Preference: bisexual


Aleya is a natural beauty. Her round face is accented by blue eyes, delicate eyebrows, a straight nose splattered with freckles, and full lips. Aside from the freckles on her nose and the tops of her shoulders, her skin is unblemished and sports a healthy tan. At a lithe 5'8, Aleya is a blend of muscle and curve. Limber and thin enough to give men a good idea of what she can do in bed, she's also strong enough to throw a solid punch. Her brown hair is long and silky, ranging in color from medium brown to light gold, and she often keeps it in a braid while working. She speaks in an alto voice that she has learned to pitch with husky tones or light ones, depending on her mood. Aleya also wears brown leather bracelets around both wrists, some with pewter beads, others without.


Undaunted, intelligent and quick-witted all describe Aleya. Those who don't know her will say that she's a confident person but the few true friends that she clings to know that deep down, Aleya has doubts about herself. She can be highly critical of others but once her respect is earned, it takes a lot for it to be lost. Aleya is a stalwart companion and will gladly throw a punch for a friend. She holds fast to her beliefs and isn't afraid to voice her opinion, even if it is a negative one that will get her in trouble. She isn't a vain creature but she knows she is attractive, though she prefers to use her wiles and personality rather than her body to get what she wants.

Aleya is most like an ugly duckling turned swan and retains hurts from the days when she was the smallest weyrbrat. Because of those times, she has a soft spot for those bullied and often reacts without thinking about consequences. She knows life is hard but it gets better, or so she tentatively hopes. She readily calls herself a flirt but doesn't consider herself wanton. She'll enjoy a man or a woman in her bed and while she's mostly monogamous, she never stays with someone long. Experimentation is the spice of life and Aleya likes her life as spicy as she can get it, now that she's more comfortable with who she is.

Aleya isn't one to back down from a challenge either. Once committed, she sees a project or a task through. She can be a bit reckless in her play - she loves cliffdiving and other extreme sports - so friends of hers know to either keep up or stay on the safe side. She loves her sleep and if she has to forfeit it for any reason, be warned that the civil filter on her mouth usually wakes up long after she does. If asked to describe herself, Aleya will say that she's a fighter, because her spirit has endured and hasn't broken under the pain of her childhood.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.432.4.21

Weyrbred, the daughter of a greenrider, Aleya grew up at Ista, knowing nothing but love and dragons from her mother and fostermother, who doted on and disciplined her. She was raised with a healthy confidence and a good alignment with authority and structure but being small and a late bloomer, she had a lot of problems fitting in with the other weyrbrats. Aleya's childhood alternated between getting in trouble and following her fostermother around the kitchen, and she gleefully remembers a few flights aboard her mother's dragon from that idyllic time.

As Aleya got older, she learned to hold her own against bigger boys, not by using brute strength, but by being quick-witted and light-footed - using her opponent's strength against them. She didn't hit her growth spurt until fourteen, which is also when she began Standing for clutches. She also began experimenting with her sexuality early, something encouraged by her mother. She asked her mother to help her with any unwanted pregnancies. Aleya wanted kids, but just not yet.

As she aged and continued to fail to Impress, Aleya began to wonder what she would do if she passed Candidate age without a dragon. She decided that once that age came, she would become a fostermother and continue watching over the weyrbrats as she had for so many Turns, so she began helping her own fostermother out more and learning. But life had other plans for Aleya, in the form of Nishikith.



Mother: Jalea, rider of green Takartath
Fostermother: Malira
Half-sister: Alistra

Aleya's Dragon: Green Nishikith

Dragon Name: Nishikith
Colour: Green
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: SunRunners
Wing: N/A


Though a rather small green, and a bit on the slender side, Nishikith somehow manages to avoid being dainty. She’s long-limbed but well put-together, lean and sleek, with smallish neck ridges and an easy way of moving, even when she’s hard at work. Her face is somehow lovely in its lack of specialness — it’s average, you might say, nicely proportionate but with no real outstanding features, and somehow it suits her. It seems… earthy. Her hide is a pale green, with streaks of brighter grass green sweeping from the center of her chest back over her shoulders, blending indistinctly and disappearing back into her hide randomly so that it can be hard to make out at a distance. Her neck ridges and wingsails are that same bright grass green only bolder and with starker contrast, standing out sharply against the softer color of the rest of her hide.


Despite how others may perceive her casual, optimistic, free-as-a-bird behavior, Nishikith is neither lazy nor silly. She doesn't play games /instead/ of working, she merely seamlessly integrates the two. She's wise in that she understands that there are certain things in life that must be done – in her dragon's life, that is training and Threadfighting – and not only is there no point in fighting that which is essential, there's not even any point in /resenting/ it, or even merely wishing one was doing something else. Best to enjoy it, not despite what it is, but because of it! Just calm down, everyone. Enjoyment isn't about avoiding work, it's about tackling it the same way you'd tackle leisure. What's that you say? Leisure isn't something you /tackle/? EXACTLY.

It's this approach to life that makes Nishikith seem so carefree, makes everything she does look so easy. She breezes through life seemingly without worry. She's tolerant of others' mischief and forgiving of any insults. She's intelligent and good at reading a situation, which may make her an excellent tactician someday, but she's content merely to advise those who seem to need glory more than she does. She's secure in her ideology, unconcerned with the negative opinions of others, utterly confident in her own untouchability – maybe even dangerously /over/confident. And why shouldn't she feel invincible? Her anger is incredibly difficult to rouse, her emotions almost unshakeable, and her body… well, can she be blamed, then, if she thinks that almost nothing can cause her physical harm, too?

Maybe it's this attitude – or the idea that she has no trouble of her own — that leads her to look for trouble in others. Oh, not in the same way as some of her siblings, causing a ruckus and making people unhappy. No, it's Nishikith's hobby to try to solve all the troubles and woes of others, wherever she may find them. Because happiness comes so naturally to her, she has difficulty understanding why others seem to be so easily confounded by things that seem very simple to her, but she does her best to help out, regardless. She will happily offer advice anywhere it seems needed, and will come to the aid of anyone who asks, if it's something in her power to assist with. Playing the hero to those around her is one of her favorite games, one she savors, and she always endeavors to do the right and honorable thing on their behalf – right up until someone tries to sully the game by resorting to low blows. Then the gloves come off, if only for the sake of keeping the game on an even playing board. And you don't want Nishikith's gloves to come off.

Like everything else in her life, mating will be a joyous game, perhaps the only one she enjoys more than the hero game. There seems to be no rush or effort in her ardor, and not a single ounce of belief that the males are somehow /winning/ her. She'll always believe that she's coupled with whomever she wishes, and while she will rarely pick the same mate twice, she may show a tendency to bestow her favor upon those least likely to win, such as the very young, the very old, or those males simply less physically-inclined or less-favored by the other green ladies. Even in mating she's playing the hero – after all, it's pleasurable for her either way, so why /not/ offer a pity-flight to the needy?

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