Here is where you can find characters and dragons that are currently up for Adoption.

To apply for the Adoption of a character simply email us at moc.spuorgoohay|renwo-degrofeRatsI#moc.spuorgoohay|renwo-degrofeRatsI with the subject Adoption - (Name of Character)

To adopt a dragon, simply write a character you think would work as his or her rider and then submit it like a new character with the dragon attached in the Dragon section of the app.

The NPC page also has characters which are related to ones currently in the game. They are also up for adoption.


Name Class Hatched Colour
Kajurath SunRunners Green
Rohoth RainCallers Blue
Shuriketh RainCallers Blue


Name Weyrling Class Colour
Kalmorth DreamChasers Blue
Teparith DreamChasers Blue


Name Dragon Colour Weyr of Origin
K'heral Serekith Brown High Reaches Weyr
M'layo Etetruth Brown Ista Weyr
N'drov Rakuth Brown Benden Weyr
N'treven Kuruzoth Brown Benden Weyr/Ista Weyr
N'seti Kormuth Brown ?
Aira Oldanth Blue Ista Weyr
B'fadi Olaboth Blue Ista Weyr
B'qua Poltath Blue Igen Weyr
G'rellan Lucoryth Blue Ista Weyr
Kevahni ? ? Ista Weyr
K'ron Gryth Blue Fort Weyr
Nialan Thiuth Blue Fort Weyr
N'kuva Zaloth Blue Igen Weyr
P'pufo Otofuth Blue Ista Weyr
T'dagus Kerwalth Blue Ista Weyr
Tamrel Riffith Blue Ista Weyr
B'relli Beaspyth Green Ista Weyr
Juila Zuluth Green Ista Weyr
K'doc Nimitith Green Ista Weyr
L'syan Vesalth Green Igen Weyr
Q'rai Calath Green High Reaches Weyr
Rayale Kinsuinth Green Ista Weyr
R'kala Naluth Green Ista Weyr
S'keldri Fidianth Green Fort Weyr
S'koli Iroleth Green ?
Tiamin Kelbeth Green Igen Weyr
Tyenza Brecheth Green Ista Weyr


Name Gender Relative Origin
Bermeri Male None Ista Weyr
Heslen Male None Ista Weyr
Kastor Male None Ista Protectorate
Machaira Female M'nias, Caistina, Mikarlac Telgar Weyr
Maldara Female None Unknown
Tolbi Female None Unknown


Name Rank Craft
Therden Master Dragonhealer
Tartolgen Master Tanner
Dirhaut Master Woodcrafter
Quennas Sr. Journeyman Healer
Hollach Sr. Apprentice Healer
Rance Sr. Apprentice Healer
Seinah Sr. Apprentice Dragonhealer
Dersal Jr. Apprentice Dragonhealer
Guts Jr. Apprentice Healer
Kerya Jr. Apprentice Healer
Lavyar Jr. Apprentice Harper
Pafarden Jr. Apprentice Healer
Zechalu Jr. Apprentice Healer


Name Position
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