Character type: Dragon Rider
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


At 15 A'rys still has that teenaged boy look - all long limbs with not much bulk connecting them together. He's a fair height already, though, standing 5'10", and it's a good bet he'll be a tall man when he finishes growing. Of course weyrling training will put muscles on the skinniest of people, and A'rys in no exception. Long and gangly his limbs might be, but there's a fair amount of whip-cord lean muscle on them already. His shoulders are starting to broaden out, though it's unlikely he'll ever achieve the bulk of some.

A'rys has an engagingly open and boyish face. There's no excess fat (something else weyrling training will do to a person) but there's still a roundness and a softness to his look, helped in part by the curls his light-brown hair naturally falls into. He's got some whispy side-burns growing, and although he does manage to keep the rest of his face shaved he's frequently got small nicks that show he's not very good at it yet. There's a total lack of guile in his hazel eyes, which have a tendency to give away every emotion he's feeling, as does his often mobile expression. All in all A'rys is a bit of an open book to look at - clearly still with a lot of growing up to do, and wearing his heart on his sleeve.


A'rys is, to be frank, a bit of a mess. The first Fall caused him to realise, in the most horrible way possible, that life *isn't* one big adventure. Life is cruel, people die, and he's faced with having to go into the most dangerous thing ever with no choice in the matter. He really, really, doesn't want to fly Fall. He's always been a gentle, fun loving soul, and the idea that he and his beloved Tobith might get hurt, or even die, terrifies him to the core. The idea that any of his younger siblings might also Impress (and then die horribly) also terrifies him. It's pretty fair to say that anything even remotely connected to Fall is, at the moment, something A'rys wants to be as far away from as he can get.

A'rys was always a bit naive, always the boy that didn't want to grow up. Easily hurt, but just as quick to forgive. Perhaps, if he'd had a little more time to mature, the dreadful loss of his family in the first Fall might not have effected him so badly. But he *hadn't* grown up (still hasn't, to be fair), and his reaction has still been very much that of a child. So A'rys is lost. Hurting from the deaths of his father and brothers, faced with the prospect of going up into the same danger that ripped them from him. He desperately needs someone to tell him that everything is going to be alright - and he's stuck in a world where, in reality, it might not be. Unusually for an Istan he's likely to welcome the newcomers to the Weyr - after all, if *they* go up there and die then he and the people he cares about won't have to.

Beneath the shock, grief, and titanic insecurity issues A'rys is actually quite a sweet kid. He's always willing to believe the best about everyone, always willing to give them a second (or third, or fourth) shot, and always the first with a hug if someone was feeling down. If someone could pull him out of his grief, and help him over his crippling fear of Fall, it's possible that the old, fun loving A'rys might show his face again. But only time will tell.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.435.2.29

A'rys was born Alrys in Ista Weyr, the son of a brownrider and his creche-worker mate.

A'tras and Maryse had been larger than life Candidates together, and they'd fallen for each other hard. Maryse found her Candidacy ending when their relationship took a natural turn, and she found herself pregnant. A'tras Impressed before the birth of their first child, and for a time the two were seperated. Maryse found she liked being a mother, though, and A'tras had been entranced to see his firstborn son. So, once A'tras had graduated, they set about having as large a family as possible. In the turns they had together there were a *lot* of children born. But child-birth takes it out of a woman, even one so vibrant as Maryse, and a turn before the first Fall Maryse died giving birth to her last child.

So it was that little Alrys was surrounded by love for most of his formative turns. He had many siblings, his mother worked in the creche where they all spent their days, and his father always made time to come and visit his vast brood. He had two older brothers that always seemed to have plans for grand adventures, and it seemed like the best adventures in the world when first Martras, then Almar Impressed their dragons. Alrys, easily led boy that he was, excitedly followed them into Candidacy.

It took the wind out of his sails a little when he didn't Impress the first time, or the second. And when his mother died in childbirth Alrys found himself wanting to cling slightly tighter to the res of his family. Then after three whole turns of waiting blue Tobith came barrelling into his life - every bit as exciting and adventurous as his brothers had said it would be! It seemed like everything was going to be alright again. A'rys was pleased, proud, and couldn't wait to see what the world held for them.

Then the first Fall happened, and A'rys got to see *exactly* what the future held for dragonriders heading into a Pass. The family he'd waved goodbye to that morning, wishing he was old enough to join them in the dashing adventure, never came home again. Tobith keened his throat raw that day as first Grevith, then Sarith and Korth went between with their riders. A'rys was bereft, with all the people he'd looked up to in the world gone. Then the older weyrlings were fast tracked into the Wings, and A'rys found himself suddenly deeply, deeply afraid of having to go into the hell of Fall himself.



Father: A'tras, brown Korth, deceased
Mother: Maryse, creche mother, deceased
M'tras, green Sarith, deceased (three turns older)
A'mar, brown Grevith, deceased (one turns older)
(younger siblings by the dozen)
Children: None

A'rys' Dragon: Blue Tobith

Colour: Blue
Age: 10 months
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: SkyRiders
Wing: Windraiders


Tobith is a jolly looking dragon. He's slightly gangly still, and even his headknobs seem to have a roundness to them. His dusky blue hide is covered in swirls and dabs of aquamarine, as if someone let a small child loose with a pot of paint, and one of his feet is a much darker colour as if he someone stepped in some *more* of that paint himself.


Tobith is just as jolly as his looks suggest. He's like a perpetual puppy: everything is *the* most exciting thing to have happened *ever*. He'll be as pleased to see you if you've been gone for five minutes as he would if you'd been gone for a week. Everything is a great game, and everything requires all of his considerably energy putting towards it. He's always terribly, terribly hurt if someone tells him off - at least for a short while anyway, before it's all forgotten and he wants to play again. The poor young blue can't understand why his partner in crime, who used to match his own enthusiasm, is suddenly so upset. He's been doing his best to try to get A'rys to play with him again, but it isn't working and Tobith is finding himself thoroughly confused.

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