Writer: Rendrian
Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Technically bi, but prefers boys


Coming in at 5'4" and weighing 130 lbs, A'lion doesn't look like much. His appearance is that of a thin little willowy thing, but there's some muscle under there. Should anyone see him nude or at least topless, they'd note the strong muscle hiding under his skin. The skin itself is the color of clean, damp sand at the beach, tanned from the Istan sun but also with a soft golden undertone. A'lion's ancestry would date back eons to the Terran people of China, but very little of that remains in his appearance due to Pernese genealogy, the faint tells being his skin tone and the slight elongation of his dark eyes.

A'lion's hair is raven black, kept in a short ponytail mostly but, when down, barely touches his shoulders, straight as a stick but soft as silk. Personal hygiene is extremely important to the youth and results in his hair being in that fine state. Never will you see A'lion in dirty or rumpled clothes, his uniform always to the nines and not a hair out of place. Even when he's penning poetry, ink never stays on his fingers for long, always wiped clean before the stain can truly set in. His clothes are the simple yet efficient type, enough to be practical but nothing showy; even his Gather clothes are more subdued- one formal robe bought from an Igenian trader that will keep out the worst of the heat while both protecting his skin and giving him a fashionable flair.


Looking at A'lion, one might think he was a pretentious asshole, and one wouldn't be far off the mark. He's a bit arrogant from his family's long-standing success in their artistry as well as their rise from such humble origins. Aloof and a touch snarky, he's slow to make friends or even to socialize beyond what he absolutely must to get by in his lessons or life. But for the stubborn fools who get through his at times grumpy coldness, they'll find a damn near unshakable ally and a brilliant mind- or, at least, one hell of a creative individual. A'lion doesn't know everything for all his airs, and if he's ever caught in that knowledge he'll bluster and huff and rage with all bark and no bite.

Being his romantic partner will be even more of a challenge. While he'll accept casual partners for one-night stands, he won't moth for greenflights. Probably the hardest part will be trying to be in an actual relationship with the youth. He's used to sexual propositions (after which the partner is either swiftly kicked out or finds their bed empty), but the idea of just spending time with someone for the sake of their company is a bit ridiculous. He understands handfasting and accepts that he may be handfasted one day, but casual this-and-thats are more fitting at the moment. Once someone is with him, though, they will find a deep and dedicated lover, perhaps a bit jealous, but overall devoted.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.435.12.8

Born in Ista Weyr, Alesyion was raised with his large family in the Lower Caverns. During painting time in the creche, he showed a decent bit of aptitude at the art. While that was promising, it was discovered that he was far better at writing poetry. The family decided that that was the path Alesyion would take when he was of age, go to the harpers to learn professionally, get a formal training and achieve rank that way. Impression was never thought of since their line didn't produce dragonriders and, even if they did, it was a waste. Riders had no time for crafts or art, so Alesyion’s talent would be wasted there.

Alesyion had privately disagreed. He'd watched the dragons from a young age and found them fascinating. His writing and drawing became more focused around the great beasts as a secret way to make his intentions known to his family, that one day he would Stand as was his right. His family thought nothing of it and permitted it to continue to the delight of the youth. He gave each color equal observations and places in his art at first, but eventually blue dragons overtook his creations, receiving more praise than the others for their hide variations as well as their usefulness. Let other boys dream of bronze and brown, of leading the flaming armies of the skies, but Alesyion saw the potential that blues had and dreamed of sharing that power.

The youth did realize, though, that standing as soon as he was twelve was not ideal. He'd be far too young to be able to cope with the disdain he felt his family would give once they realized what he was up to, so he waited. Patience being a virtue, it took little effort for him to wait until his seventeenth Turn to Stand. He worried afterwards about what their reactions would be, but his path was chosen. All of his hard work was rewarded when the massive but exceedingly friendly Ormondiath insistently asked him if the rhythms he’d been tapping on eggshells were “wicked”. Granted, the youth had found that they lacked any sort of rhythm at all, but the newly-named A’lion wouldn’t dare say so.







A’lion’s Dragon: Blue Ormondiath

Colour: Blue
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Wing: Windraiders
Clutch: DreamChasers


This blue is huge. No really, he's the size of a slightly under the average brown, and he's solid, built large all over like a solid stone building. His musculature is impressive in its size and definition, even from hatching, and with time and training he will grow even more in bulk. He's also a handsome blue, with a chiseled face, which often carries a smile on it. His hide is midnight blue with slashes of bright, neon blue through it and his wings are a little thicker and wider to compensate for the bulk it needs to lift into the air.


From the moment Ormondiath hatches people will see him as the big, dumb blue. They will call him stupid, thick some will even say moronic. The thing is, Ormondiath isn’t really stupid, but he doesn’t come across as a smart dragon at all simply because the things that this blue focuses on and is captivated by, are not the things that everyone else wants him to be attentive to. He will always have far more interest in hanging around the lower caverns than fighting thread, and he adores firelizards. The little creatures captivate him, and his adoring attention often rewards him with their affection as well. He also absolutely loves children and will often be found near the creche kids, playing with them if he can. He’ll also spend time to chill out with the Candidates, having that natural knack with the young. In time he will prove to have the aptitude to be a Search dragon, although he may well be distracted by sad stories rather than always focusing on his feelings.

One of the most memorable things about Ormandiath is that he is a literal dragon. No really, he takes everything completely literally. If you say you could eat a whole herdbeast for dinner? You may just find one in your wallow. If you say you’re so tired you could sleep for a week, he would be distressed at not having you around for that long,. and are you prepared for such a long nap? Sarcasm is completely lost on him, as is deception, it goes over his head faster than a dragon in a mating flight, and he will take the statements at purely face value. Also when faced with tough decisions Ormondiath will talk to himself, arguing between the two sides of his opinion, to try and see who has the best reasoning. He doesn’t always keep these conversations to himself, which…can look a little batty.

Ormondiath will never lack for friends however, for all his eccentricities he’s a harmless, good hearted guy, and it’s obvious from every word out of his mouth. He does have the unfortunate ability to put his trust in everyone, which means people can lead him down the wrong road, but at the end of the day he’s good, and any morally dubious things passing him by will earn a hurt and loud objection. His enthusiasm for everything, and zest for life make him a lovable blue, and his innocence and naivete will make many want to protect him from those who would use his natural innocence to their advantage.

If he’s made to focus on fighting thread, Ormondiath will prove to be a good and steady fighter, although he will never love it. He’s far more of a gentle soul, preferring other pursuits to combat, but he’s keenly aware of his duty. The last thing he ever wants is to let someone down, to fail someone and have them disappointed, or hurt because of him. It would break his heart to see it happen. Every time Ormondiath loses someone from his class or his wing, he will be inconsolable, desolate at the loss. He will always be a friendly, sensitive and loving dragon, and the greens who are chased and caught by him will find themselves with a shy, bumbling, and attentive weyrmate.

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