No Weyr Is An Island

Welcome to Ista Reforged!


This is an Alternate Ninth Pass game, set at Ista Weyr, and with a strong emphasis on character development, character relationships and political machinations.

The Istans are a proud people, but circumstances have forced them to ask the other Weyrs for help. Tensions are high around the Weyr as the Outsiders and the Istans size each other up and people begin to manouver for best advantage for themselves…or for their Weyr.

Please take a look around the site, and if you have any questions feel free to ask any of them on the OOC board or send an email to the Owner address.


8 October 15 - Tameketh has been caught by brown Mondagarth, making T'berli Ista's new Weyrleader and M'drasen Ista's new latrine-scrubber! Prepare for some changes…

9 March 15 - Weyrleader M'drasen makes a deal with Telgar Weyrleader B'deros that may not make the native Istans too happy…

7 Dec 14 - The DreamChasers class has hatched! Congratulations new Weyrlings!

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